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Casting Cost
Card TypeMono Artifact
Card Text
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SetUnlimited Edition
ArtistMark Tedin
Flavor Text
DescriptionUnlimited Single Card
Release Date1993-12-01
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- July 15, 2010
-- Count Erspell
A definite auto-include, especially in EDH. An early Sol Ring can be very decisive to setting the pace for the rest of the game.
- December 05, 2009
-- Jim
5 stars, no question. Abso-freaking-lutely un-freaking-believable. Awesome, amazing, outstanding, superb, and incredible.
- April 07, 2009
-- James Doto
You pay 1 mana. You get 2 mana. OWNAGE.
- October 22, 2007
-- John
By golly, this card is amazing. With it I was able to get a job, save my marriage, and raise 3 kids while still beating ravager.
- May 01, 2007
-- French Connection
This card gives you SOL! Without this card your deck simply has no SOL Power! Almost every deck should run this powerful card.
- March 26, 2007
-- Bob, the Demonic Chipmunk
Oh, Man Just a one-of in my green deck made it twice as good
- February 16, 2007
-- Tom Nabours
Think of this card in a casual deck since it's restricted now if you have 4 in your deck here is a best case scenariofirst turn: play a plains then sol ring then use it to play another sol ring leaving 1 mana floating then play urza's incubator say angels.....turn two: play a plains then tap out and play i don't know akroma angel of wrath!!!!!!unless your opponent has a counterspell or some way to quickly deal with that they will concede in utter shame and agonizing defeat.5 stars easily
- June 13, 2005
-- jedi master jersey
unless you get your mox on first turn this is almost always better than a mox. it outshined every mox on turn two and it owns the lotus after turn four. the reason it isnt called the power ten is because sol ring isnt rare.
- October 30, 2004
-- Nick
This card is wretchedly underrated, it should be in the "power 10" list or whatever you prefer to call it. I would rather have this in my corner than any Mox, because it puts you two turns ahead of the game every single turn. On turn one alone you're one mana in the black so thats good for any artifcats, but from that turn on you're two turns ahead of the curve. On turn two, you can play a spell that costs four, on turn 4 you're playing normally plodding spells that cost six! I'm not saying the moxes arent great, but this gets my personal endoresment because of its longevity, you basically outpace your opponent from turn one on, even better than you can with a Mox. This is an undisputed 5 out of 5 hands down!!
- August 03, 2002
-- Rob
Listen here...Opening Hand....2 Forest 1 Sol Ring 1 Erhnam Djinn 1 Argothian Wurm 1 Citanul Centaurs or any other fatty for 3GSee? Can you say 6/6 trampler 2nd turn?
- March 27, 2002
-- Anonymous
This card is excellant! For one colorless mana you get two mana just about constantly because this can be played as an interrupt! What deck couldn't use this!
- October 07, 2001
-- Old Man Of The Sea
Yo! this is the best card in the World! it cost only 1 and give 2 mana! if you use it the first turn, it cost -1 humm... you paid 1 and it give 2 this is realy a dream...
- September 06, 2001
-- bill albertson
This Card Owns!

If you are to order any cards from here this should be the one!

This card will help your mana problems very much, Very nice card

- June 07, 2001
-- Bobby Bridges
This card is an excellent buy for anyone playing any type of deck. It is a great mana source you can play and use on the first turn, and will speed up your deck significantly. Also, since it is an Artifact, it is usable by any color deck, and in my opinion can find its place among all deck archetypes.
- October 06, 2004
-- Charles Scourbys
Great card for mana acceleration. Good for any deck lacking power9.
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