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Casting Cost
Card TypeArtifact
Card TextEach spell costs
more to cast except during its controller's turn.
SetUrza's Legacy
ArtistMark Tedin
Flavor Text"We've managed to keep the goblins in their assigned areas, but there's little we can do about the smell." —Whip Tongue, viashino technician
DescriptionUrza's Legacy Single Card
Release Date1999-02-15
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- August 04, 2005
-- mazk
wow this shuts out counter decks
- December 30, 2010
-- Jay
This card is maindecked in a few of my decks, and one of the ultimate sideboard cards when I go to Legacy. The best way I've found to not take the shaft from this yourself is to have a Countering, destroying, cost reducing or bouncing Permanent; Counterbalance, Mundungu, Tradewind Rider, Avatar of Woe, Grand Arbiter Augstine IV, Crackleburr, etc.
- April 06, 2008
-- billy
I know its a good counter for counter spells but what about patron wizard what do you do on that?? If you have an idea that cost less then tree mana put it down on this same card
- September 19, 2005
-- Anonymous
Great, but can backfire.
- September 15, 2005
-- deckmaster
hmmm...a 4 mana SHATTER?....and no rushing?... wonder if there's a ensaring bridge in 9th... well i am on D e is next
- June 13, 2005
-- anapmak
this rules against blue
- January 17, 2002
-- G.P>
City of Solitude for the rest of us... hurts reactive/counterspell decks, so if these are a threat, stock up on these...
- May 06, 2001
-- Mastermind
Though serving no MAJOR purpose, a Defense Grid can be used in agressive and Burn decks MOST effectively. Because these decks drop hands fast, and every bit of damage counts, 4 Defense Grids in a Burn or Agressive deck aren't a bad idea when counterspells are running amuk.
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