Wolfbriar Elemental

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Casting Cost
Card TextMultikicker
(You may pay an additional
any number of times as you cast this spell.) When Wolfbriar Elemental enters the battlefield, create a 2/2 green Wolf creature token for each time it was kicked.
Creature TypeElemental
DescriptionWorldwake Single Card
Release Date2010-02-05
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- November 13, 2010
-- Jay
I use in my Garruk/Overrun deck. Uses Omnath to keep green mana floating all-day long. I also use Saproling Infestation and 1 Sap.Symbiosis, Concordant Crossroads(only drop once I'm ready for Haste), then Kick the living hell out of Wolfbriar; use Garruk's -4 ability or simply cast Overrun and it's over. Though one day I will add Orim's Chant and make it G/W instead of mono-G
- September 26, 2010
-- Maartensson
In a blue/green deck, you can kick it an infinite amount of times..Play Greenweaver Druid and enchant it with Freed From The Real. Play Orochi Leafcaller. Tap Greenweaver Druid for 2 green mana, make one of the mana blue via Orochi Leafcaller. Untap Greenweaver Druid with the one blue mana and do this procedure over and over again. Unlimited green mana, unlimited 2/2 wolf tokens...
- March 02, 2010
-- Dan Matteo
3 cards make this card unstoppable: Master of the Wild Hunt Beastmaster Ascension Doubling Season Game over.
- February 12, 2010
-- Anonymous
This is certainly one of the best cards to have come out of Worldwake. I watched a deck in which this was played, and it helped the player win every single game he played in the tournament. It might even have a place in legacy play, considering all of the green mana acceleration. It will rise in price, that is inevitable.
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