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Casting Cost
Card TypeLand
Card Text
, Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Verdant Catacombs: Search your library for a Swamp or Forest card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.
ArtistVance Kovacs
Flavor Text
DescriptionVerdant Catacombs
Release Date2009-10-02
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- May 30, 2011
-- Sengir
Great for PRO Decks!!
- April 20, 2011
-- Lars Gummesen
the fetch lands are very nice. lets say that you are playing a G/U deck with some counters like "Mana Leak" and you have a Lotus Cobra on the field and 1 untapped fetch land, and a Mana Leak in hand. your opponent play his 6th land and cast a titan, you sac the fetch your Cobra make a blue mana and you tap your land that you found with your fetch and you Mana Leak the titan. that couldn't be possible with a T-expanse. or you play a W deck with "Steppe Lynx" in turn 1 opponent dont cant anything on turn 1 you play a fetch on turn 2 and sac it, Stepp Lynx is now a 4/5 then you play "Honor of the Pure", a 5/6 bashing on turn 2, and you have less chance to draw a land on your following turns. and you guys think that fetch lands are bad?
5/5 stars
- January 04, 2011
-- Ben
to jim from wisconsin...lets say its turn 6 and you have 5 lands in play. you want to play your grave titan, but all you drew was a t-morph you wish it was a verdant catacombs...oh wait, you have to wait another turn cause your swamp came into play tapped...this card made putrid leech come out almost every second turn when jund was type 2...zendikar fetchlands rock and will be staples for winning players for years to come...
- August 22, 2010
-- Mike
In casual play, you're better off just using terramorphic expanse. But for anyone like me who plays competitively, you know that the fetch lands are superior. I have won countless games because my land that I fetched came into play untapped.
- May 18, 2010
-- Xarr
Yeah. Do you know how to read a deck list? I can't post a link here but with a few keystrokes you can look up hundreds of deck lists from tournament winning decks. These are decks that are mathematically proven superior decks that professional magic players use. All of those deck lists from these gods of Magic that are multi color and were posted after these fetch-lands were released use them instead of Expanse and I'll tell you why. It's called tempo. In a professional tournament just like professional chess 1 turn frequently means victory. Rarely is a game won by one life but one turn is life and death. So instead of being stuck with a land you can't use now you can cast that Terror or Giant Growth. What is better now?
- May 17, 2010
-- Vince
Can you fetch a dual land with your terramorphic expanse? and if somehow you do, can you tap it on your first turn? to me, terra sounds like a reverse time walk compared to fetches.
- January 13, 2010
-- Phoebe Drake
These cards make the Baneslayer Junk deck. I was using it earlier and I got this:
Turn 1: Forest, Noble Hierarch
Turn 2: Tap both, Lotus Cobra, Verdant Catacombs (triggers snake) sac, get Forest (trigger snake), Knight of the Reliquary.
Turn 3: Tap 3 mana, Knight of the Reliquary, Verdant Catacombs (triggers snake) sac, get Swamp (trigger snake), Knight of the Reliquary, tap the first Knight, get a Marsh Flats (triggers snake), sac for Swamp (triggers snake) Knight of the Reliquary.

3 6/6s on turn 3 is nothing to laugh about. Sure, Lotus Cobra did a lot of the work, but it would be impossible without the fetches.

Over 9000 stars.
- December 28, 2009
-- Kevin
There's a reason fetch lands are popular because the land you bring into play you can use, not tapped like terramorphic Expanse. Both are good for landfall. Currently the swamp ones this and Marsh Flats are good for constantly bringing Bloodghast back in. Pretty sure the other ones fetch lands will be more useful for the expansions.
- December 11, 2009
-- Mark
These were quickly put into my Rock and eva green decks on release. Finally the enemy colors got some filter love. I can quickly and easily get my bayous or shortage land I am missing out of my deck while thinning the deck to get some more of my needed removal and control. Not to mention they feed the delve for tombstalker very well.
- November 28, 2009
-- greased up deaf guy
Fantastic card, including the 4 other fetches. If splashing a color (ex. playing G/W and splashing black for pulse) allows for minimal basic land of that type. Combo it up with Knight of the Reliquary for 3 landfall triggers.
- November 25, 2009
-- Anonymous
you people that say fetch lands are bad you obviously don't what your talking about. just look at some of the pro tour austin 2009 decks. these lands are some of the real base of the decks.In tournaments it is better to fix a certain mana than have the land come onto the battlefield tapped.
- November 24, 2009
-- A level headed guy from L-town
If you think Sorin Markov is a 5 star card, your nuts.. Sorin Markov is actually a joke to me and my friends because f how much he is worth. Day of Judgment is not a 5 star card because it's only standard playable, because in extended people just use wrath because its better (cant regen with Wrath), but who uses regen anyway?

As for Piranha Marsh.. that card is an unplayable common.

Just based on the comments found here I am considering opening a website for you guys to come to for advice...
- November 06, 2009
-- Matt D
(Sighing heavily with disgust).. Anyone who has ever been to any format of a MTG tournament knows how amazing Fetch lands are.. So your playing legacy, and you use this card to get you a Tropical Island, a Bayou, ETC.. I think thats a little better than playing a basic land with that god awful timespiral card you guys are talking about... If your playing casually and don't have the money for dual lands, even shocklands such as Hallowed fountain or in this particular case, Overgrown Tomb...

If you do not know the power of fetchlands you do not know anything about high level Magic the Gathering

This, as all other fetch lands, is an amazing card
- November 03, 2009
-- Zemuran
umm.. didn't you just prove your point? great card btw..
- March 11, 2010
-- Danny
Jim Madison: You just laid down 2 Terramorphic Expanses on turn 3.That's a no go. Thus providing further evidence that these fetch lands are amazing because your lands come into play untapped.
- March 09, 2010
-- Anonymous
too bad sol ring is like a decade out of standard
- December 10, 2009
-- Lord Bannon
This and the other fetchlands are head and shoulders above Terramorphic Expanse for the sole reason that the land they put into play is not tapped. It's more aggressive and all around more useful. Wizards did not make this card expensive, demand did. That demand is warranted because it's a top tier card, whereas Terramorphic Expanse is just ok.
- November 05, 2009
-- anonymous
Try playing terramorphic expanse with Lotus Cobra, or Landfall triggers, or ANYTHING competitive. These are Far better and worth the life. They also thin your deck improving your future draws.
- January 24, 2011
-- Rising Son
Terramorphic Expanse is not good. Although slightly better, the fetches are also not good. Yes, they fix mana and thin your deck, but they are far, far from the most efficient way to do so. I would rather use something that will allow me to accelerate mana production, which these do not do. Using the fetches, you will only be able to produce 4 mana by turn 4, 5 mana by turn 5, and so on. An opponent using mana acceleration will probably be able to out-pace you and your fetches. Sorry, guys, but the cons far outweigh the pros for fetches, regardless of whether the fetched land comes into play tapped or untapped.
- November 10, 2009
-- A level headed guy
I have to rank these lands somewhere in the middle. For starters, they are far more useful than some people would have you believe. If you are looking for a useless land, look at Piranha Marsh. However, they are also certainly not 4 or 5 star material. To rank these that high, you would have to overlook cards like Sorin Markov, Iona, Day of Judgement, and Goblin Instigator, just to name a few.
- June 07, 2010
-- Jim
Sorry, everyone. I should have mentioned from the start that I only play casually, so don't bother listening to me. What do I know anyway?
- April 06, 2010
-- Jim
Read Knight of the Reliquary. It allows you to sac a forest or plains to search for a land and put it into play. Any other questions?
- February 01, 2010
-- Jim
Thanks Phoebe, you have given me the perfect situation to prove my point about these things. Please remember, I am not hailing Terramorphic Expanse as a great card, I am only using it as an example to prove my point about how over rated and over priced these fetch lands in Zendikar are. T1: forest, Noble Hierarch. T2: tap forest, lay Sol Ring, tap it and Hierarch, lay Lotus Cobra, (leaving 1 unused mana from the ring), lay Terramorphic Expanse(triggers cobra), sac it, lay Plains (triggers Cobra), lay Knight of Reliquary. Turn 3: Lay Terramorphic Expanse(triggers cobra), sac for forest(triggers cobra), tap Knight, sac forest , lay Terramorphic Expanse(triggers cobra), sac it for a forest(triggers cobra), use the four cobra mana and the Sol Ring, lay two more Knights. That's your three 6/6's on turn 3 without using any of these fetch lands. If you are looking to spend this kind of money on a card, I recommend Sol Ring. It, unlike these, is well worth its price tag.
- December 03, 2009
-- Mark
I aint gonna use these becuz ill just use sproting vines becuz its better becuz u can get more then 1 land becuz it has storm.
- November 06, 2009
-- Jim
Expanse also triggers landfall abilities, and thins the deck just as much as these do. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that Expanse is a great card or anything, I'm just saying that these Zendikar lands are very, very rarely (if ever) going to be any more helpful thanExpanse would be.
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