Golurk - 35/98 - Rare

Golurk 35 98 Rare XY Ancient Origins Singles
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Card TypePokémon - Stage 1
Card TextPrevent all effects of your opponent's Pokémon's Abilities done to this Pokémon.
Hit Points130
pokemon energy
pokemon energy
Retreat Cost4
Poke PowerDouble Type - As long as this Pokémon is in play, it is Psychic and Fighting type.
pokemon energy
pokemon energy
pokemon energy
pokemon energy
Superpower 80+ - You may do 40 more damage. If you do, this Pokémon does 20 damage to itself.
SetAncient Origins
DescriptionPower of the Ancient Days! See new Mythical power be brought to the Pokémon world with Hoopa-EX and other competitors. This expansion will bring ancient secrets out into the open and transform them into modern battling techniques. Enhance your gameplay with all-new Special Energy cards and new Ancient Traits. There are also new Shiny versions of Pokémon to discover!

XY: Ancient Origins was the 65th expansion of the Pokémon TCG. It was released in August of 2015 and consisted of 100* cards total. Noteworthy cards from XY: Ancient Origins include Hoopa EX, M Sceptile EX, M Tyranitar EX, Primal Groudon EX & Primal Kyogre EX.
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
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