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DescriptionHaving trouble picking the right one? Need a quick fix?

Let us decide for you!

Fast, simple, efficient.

Oh, did I mention - you won't find them cheaper anywhere else?

(This product does not come with sleeves).
Dimensions4" H x 3" W x 2" D
Ship Weight0.06875 pounds
- April 03, 2012
-- Malissa
AWESOME! Ordered 15 & asked for a variety of colors: got 3 each of black, blue, white, red, & purple. I am extremely happy with these boxes & can't beat the price! 3 boxes fit perfectly in a fat pack box.
- November 11, 2010
-- andy bungert
I bought 5 of these and they were 5 of the SAME white cardway box. the boxes are just fine, i just wish i would've received different colors at the very least. 4 stars
- September 20, 2010
-- Jason
I ordered 10 deck boxes... they were all card-way boxes: 2 White, 3 Blue, 3 Red, 2 Purple. No art on them or anything, just says "CARD BOX" on the top. They aren't impressive, but you won't find anything to protect a deck of sleeved cards better for just $0.20 a box.
- June 02, 2010
-- Dave
I ordered 15 of these and got 7 reds 7 whites and 1 blue..
I would have liked some variety (which is why i ordered 15) but still unbelievable price!
- May 10, 2010
-- mark weyer
Nice and cheap.

9 boxes, ended up with 3 white, 2 red, 2 purple, and 2 black. Not bad for 3 bucks.

Totally made my friend jealous since he just bought 2 deckboxes from a local store for more than I paid for 9 of them.
- April 29, 2010
-- Andrew
I recently ordered 6 of these boxes. I received 6 plain white Card-way deck boxes. 6 boxes for 3 dollars is an awesome deal, but some more variety would have been great. Still cant beat the price though.
- December 10, 2010
-- James
Is a good deal, why i give it 3 stars only? because i buy this random based on the other people reviews. I hoped to receive more variety and what i get? 10 card way plastic boxes (7 purple 3 white) no more. I thought that random have other meaning but not for me at least
- December 01, 2010
-- j
i bought 5 cuz i needed extra boxes for my magic decks
all 5 were exactly the same. black card ways. but i mean hey its storage. and just put some tape and write the name of ur deck and its all good. i just wish there was a little variance with my order.
- October 22, 2010
-- Greg
Great quality boxes, price is unbeatable, packed well and shipped quickly. Unfortunately I bought 20 and there was very little "random" in the shipment. 18 dark blue and 2 purple. Everything has to be labeled. don't be surprised if you receive all the same color when ordering.
- January 30, 2010
-- stephen
I ordered 7 deck boxes, and received 7 cardway boxes. Which wouldn't have been too bad except they are cheaper to order individually. Here: http://www.trollandtoad.com/p280643.html
The deck boxes feel pretty cheap, but I guess for the price I can't complain much. Next time I order I'll just get the cardway boxes individually since Its cheaper.
- August 27, 2009
-- Gabriel
I ordered 6 deck boxes, and only received doubles once. Unfortunately, every box was just a single color generic box.

Still, 6 deck boxes for only 6 dollars (plus shipping) was a good deal. I may give one more try.
- July 24, 2009
-- Anonymous
Do these deck boxes come with the 50 sleeves inside? I saw that there are also random sleeves for sale, but I know that deck boxes usually come filled with 50 sleeves. If anyone could let me know what they've received before I buy, that'd be awesome! Thanks!
- January 02, 2011
-- d. king
Not bad if all you want is purple purple and more purple boxes after asking for no more purple.
- March 13, 2012
-- Dayana Vazquez
I order 2 and requests that were purple and get the 2 of them purple this guys are awesome.
- February 13, 2012
-- Akhuan
I ordered four & received four different colours (black, red, blue & purple).
- January 07, 2012
-- Anonymous
I bought about 10 of these when they were 20 cents a year ago. I got all Cardway boxes, and they are all still in fantastic shape. I haven't had a box break yet. They are amazing, especially for 20 cents. I plan to order more when I make my big order this year.
- January 06, 2012
-- Chris
I took advantage of the 25-cent sale and received 20 CardWay card boxes, all new in package, half white and half blue. This is perfect for my uses, and the price is great. Thanks, Troll&Toad! The bonus Deck Armor box was a nice surprise too; I'll give it a try.
- December 29, 2011
-- Jason
Got these on sale, and am pleased with my purchase. I picked up eight of them and 50% were white, which is fine. Mine were all the Card Way deck boxes, which are a little larger than the Ultra Pro boxes. I was actually hoping for the Ultra Pro, but these will fit a sleeved commander deck which is great, so even though they take up a little more space than the Ultra Pro boxes, they are useful for more decks.
- December 10, 2011
-- Emmanuel Abarca
I got EXACTLY what I wanted, despite buying it hoping for else.
I bought this to use as deck box for a Yu-Gi-Oh deck, all the while I was carrying my Magic Commander/EDH deck in a ziplock bag...
Well, guess what? I got a black deck box big enough to fit all 100 MTG sleeved cards in it! While my friends payed 10 times more for theirs. (My yugi deck now uses an old deck box instead)
All in all, a perfect purchase.
- October 28, 2011
-- Anonymous
Great deal, They're cheap and quite good quality. Defintely will buy more if ever in shortage of boxes.
- July 12, 2011
-- Shirazgirl
Got these for my son's Yugioh duel b-day party with his friends. You guys sent a nice selection of colors, black white, blue, purple, red. Just over 1/3 were Ultra Pro. All were brand new, sealed, and perfect. Wish I got more at this great price! Thanks!
- May 11, 2011
-- Jessica
I bought these when they were 35cents a box. What a screamin' deal!!!! These are making awesome gifts for my magic lovers and we always need extra boxes. I ordered 10 got 2 of each color CardWay boxes: blue, purple, black, red and white. Perfect!
- March 31, 2011
-- Jay Hajj
Ordered a bunch of these and got a decent selection of colors: red, white, blue & black.
The ones I received were "Card Box" from Card Way. I had previously used the Ultra‚ÄĘPRO deck-box. I like these better. The Card Box is about 1/2 an inch deeper than the Deck Box, which is nice to hold my dice and condition markers as well. The plastic is about twice as thick as the Deck Box. Nice and sturdy. They also have a tab at the inside top of the box that catches the lid and holds it securely closed. That tab moves a bit with opening/closure so I suspect it will fall off eventaully.
- March 25, 2011
-- Noko
Nicely cheap this is a great deal. I ordered 5 and got 2 black, 2 blue, and 1 purple.
- March 08, 2011
-- Sharon Murray
These are perfect! I got a great selection, some blue, purple, red, white, and black. All are brand new CardWay boxes. This brand rivals Deck Box easily with sturdy construction and easy and secure closure. Perfect for my son's Yugioh tournament birthday party as party favors! Thanks!
- March 02, 2011
-- Anonymous
This has got to be one of the best deals on this entire site. The price and the quality are INSANE!!!!!!! OOW OOW OWW OOW OOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!! really though the deck box is very sturdy and large enough for any deck *wink*
- February 19, 2011
-- John Stahl
I bought 5 of these and I'm pretty happy with my purchase. I was worried that I might end up getting paper deck boxes or something, but I got 5 Ultra-Pro deck boxes in various colors with only 1 duplicate. At this price, it's a steal. I will definitely be sure to stock up on these if/when there's another free shipping weekend.
- January 31, 2011
-- Garrett Wilson
Good buy. I bought 25 so I would be set on boxes for the rest of my magic life. Got 8 white 4 black 6 blue 7 purple. Not that it matters the color cause I got stickers and sharpies to say what deck is or whatever I'm putting inside. If I need more, would come back again.
- January 05, 2011
-- J.R.
I got alot of very nice random things from trollandtoad yesterday, mythics, rares, uncommons and these. I don't know how anyone could give this deal less than 5 stars got 2 white 2 blue excellent deck boxes that were worth far more than $.15 imo.
- December 08, 2010
-- Shawn
I bought 15 and got 3 boxes each of 5 different colors of cardway boxes. This is an amazing deal, no doubt about it. The boxes seem pretty sturdy and hold about 100 sleeved cards (they are a little bigger than all my other boxes). I may buy a ton more and just never have to worry about buying more expensive boxes again. Thanks trollandtoad.com!
- November 12, 2010
-- Steve
Ordered 75 for my gaming group. Asked for as much variety if possible. We received about 5 white cardway boxes, and the rest were split between red and black cardway boxes. I have a label maker, so I'm still extremely pleased.
- October 23, 2010
-- Jez
I wasn't really sure what I'd get when I ordered 4 of these, but I had some decks that really needed boxes. I received 2 red boxes, a blue box, and a white box. They were all Card Way boxes, but they are good solid plastic boxes that get the job done. Each one actually holds two unsleeved decks easily, and snaps shut nicely. I plan on purchasing more! We built more decks. An amazing value, well worth it.
- October 20, 2010
-- Paulette
Ordered twenty, got four different colors. Can't beat the price.
- October 12, 2010
-- Geoffrey
FANTASTIC VALUE, Ordered 5 a month ago and got the ones everyone else gets, then I ordered one for a birthday present for someone (i got her magic cards so what better way to wrap them) and I got a YuGiOh deck box sold on this website for a great price!!!! GREAT DEAL, Really enhanced the gift!
- September 22, 2010
-- m
20 pennies for a deckbox??? you cant go wrong at all. I must have bought about 30 of these and a quick scribble of a sharpie is all you need to organize your decks.
- August 04, 2010
-- Dave M
So far I have ordered a total of 27 of these deck boxes in two different orders.
Every single box has been those cheap Ultra Pro plastic boxes (which is what I like).
The first order I believe I received 1 blue one and 7 red and 7 white.
The second order I luckily got some black ones about 4 black 4 red and 4 white.

Overall I am very pleased, can't complain for the dirt cheap price!
- July 30, 2010
-- Matt
Best random lot on the site. Card boxes are nice solid color no fancy anime art, sturdy plastic not cardboard. I got 4 red and 2 white, blue, purple. No green or black but that's fine. 3 card boxes fit into a fat pack box. Great buy
- July 24, 2010
-- Joe
I got all Cardway boxes, which I sort of expected to be pretty shoddy given the price. They seem pretty sturdy, as it happens -- and for the price, there's just not a better deal in town. The next time I need gaming supplies, I'm definitely coming to Troll and Toad first.
- June 22, 2010
-- Bryan Szucs
One of Troll and Toads best deals
- June 07, 2010
-- LPS
It's a deck box. No further explanation needed? I got 2, both purple. Was hoping they'd be different colors for easier categorization but nothing a Sharpie can't fix. ;)
- April 30, 2010
-- Jo
The price is great, the only thing is they are all Cardaway boxes. That's not really a bad thing for everyone, but they are only solid colors.

You'll usually get a mix of blue, purple, black, white, orange/red.

I bought 40 of them. This time however, I only received black, blue, purple and white.
- July 30, 2009
-- christopher
Great price. I recieve a flip top metal box, supposally called a vault, 2 plain green and black ultrapro bloxes and one flap covered box with a divider inside
- October 23, 2008
-- Anonymous
Wow... Super cheap, and very fast. I can't find brand new boxes anywhere else for this price!
- September 29, 2014
-- Anonymous Verified Buyer
Asked for 5 boxes, one of each color if possible. Got three of the same, as well as another two of the same.It is random. The boxes I got look like they will break if the top is opened a lot. Other then that, they are good boxes.
- May 19, 2013
-- Pat
I ordered 17 boxes and got 17 red Cardway boxes. I didn't request variety, but the term "random" lead me to think variety was implied. Still, i got sturdy deck boxes at a great price, so all in all i am satisfied.
- January 19, 2012
-- Mike LeRoy
Ordered 6, got a good variety of colors (multiple whites). All Card storage boxes. Not the best quality, but not overpriced like local store deck boxes :)

Would recommend this for any serious collector/gamer.
- January 16, 2012
-- Kilo
I ordered 5 just to see what I would get and I got 4 red boxes and one yellow translucent Deck Armor box (or at least I think that was it). While the 4 work well for what they're made for, the yellow is definitely my favorite as it came with a divider and a velcro piece ensure the cover stays short.
Thanks a lot, I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
- December 01, 2011
-- Jerome Schaeffer
I got four of these boxes and they were all exactly the same, however they were all brand new and were in great condition. Overall I got what I payed for.
- October 10, 2011
-- daniel
I ordered 15 of these and I got 14 reds and 1 blue all CardWay boxes. Be careful if you order cards with them they will come in the card boxes with stickers sealing them that do not remove well they easily hold two sleeved decks and three of them fit in a fatpack. They are sturdy and have a fake latch inside that keeps them closed well enough. For the price, I'm very happy. Now to get some masking tape so I can tell my decks apart.
- March 24, 2011
-- htb808
Great deal considering you only pay cents. The card holder is pretty plain and simple but does the job. I bought 4 and all were different colors. They are a bit larger than normal card holders and with my perfect fit sleeves I can hold my EDH deck of 100 cards easily.
- January 11, 2011
-- tim
not too random, i ordered 15 and only 2 different colors, but for the price u cant beat it!!
- January 10, 2011
-- j
i ordered 5 and got 5 black cardway boxes, yeah i was hoping for a little more diversity but hey, they r meant to hold cards and thats what they do
- December 15, 2010
-- justin chew
Well it seems many of you have gotten repeats but when i ordered 10 i got 2 light blue, 3 dark blue, 2 white, 1 purple and 2 black
- July 14, 2010
-- Ann B.
It is what it is. I ordered 5 random deck boxes. I had hoped to luck out and maybe get one of the ultra pro boxes. But, all five were Cardway. Not so bad though. You really can't beat the price. I might just run to the craft store and pick up some cheap velcro stickies. ;) I got a nice variety though. Two red, a purple, white and blue. All in all, I like it!
- June 30, 2010
-- Adobo
My friends ordered 5 of these. They all "randomly" happened to be the same, red Cardway box. But hey, at least they do what they do, and the similarity encouraged us to customize our boxes just so we could tell them apart. At this price, why not? Just pick one up with your next order, either to hold your deck, hold your extra cards, or just to hold you over until you get some shiny tin deck box or something.
- June 22, 2010
-- Dylan McKay
These are all Card Way deck boxes based on what I got. I ordered twenty, and based on a glance, I got a nice variety, I got plenty of black and at least one purple (which is what I wanted) and still plenty more to go with it. The picture for the item is a bit deceiving and the quality on the boxes is a bit low (the part that holds it shut is just folded plastic that catches the cover of the box), but for $0.20 each, who's complaining? I'm glad I ordered these.
- June 21, 2010
-- Nathan
Picked up 5 of these with my last order. Got 3 different colors all the same offbrand boxes. They seem to be about the same quality as any of the thin plastic deck boxes. Overall, solid @ 20 cents each.
- September 15, 2010
-- Alex
Ordered 4 and they are all the crappy card way boxes. 2 white one blue one purple. Its ok. (SPECIALLY OK FOR .20)
- May 22, 2010
-- James Lewandowski
First of all, great price, unbeatable. 30ish cents? come on! Random is definitely taking a risk, ordered 20 got a mix of purple and red. Still doesnt matter, durable and worthwhile. Buy it!
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