Cyber Dragon Zwei - ABPF-EN035 - Rare 1st Edition

Cyber Dragon Zwei ABPF EN035 Rare 1st Edition Absolute Powerforce ABPF 1st Edition Singles
Near Mint 1st Edition English Yugioh Card
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Card TypeMonster
Card TextIf this card attacks an opponent's monster, this card gains 300 ATK during the Damage Step only. Once per turn, you can reveal 1 Spell Card in your hand to treat this card's name as "Cyber Dragon" until the End Phase. This card's name is treated as "Cyber Dragon" while in the Graveyard.
Creature TypeMachine/Effect
DescriptionAbsolute Powerforce was the 34th expansion of the Yugioh TCG. It was released in February of 2010 and consisted of 111 cards total. Noteworthy cards from Absolute Powerforce include Battle Fader, Majestic Red Dragon & Viper's Rebirth.

Released along with this set was the Absolute Powerforce: Special Edition set.

Absolute Powerforce consists of the following rarity breakdown:

44 Commons
20 Rares
14 Super Rares
10 Ultra Rares
8 Secret Rares
10 Ultimate Rares
1 Ghost Rare
4 Short Prints
Dimensions3.38" H x 2.31" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- July 16, 2011
-- Becca Streeter
An awesome card for those who love cyber and dragon decks :)
I'm going to tell my friend who loves Machina cards to look into getting one.
- February 28, 2010
-- Sefran
Great card, especially with cyber dragon now back at 2, cyber twin and cyber end dragon decks abound.
- February 23, 2010
-- Jose
This card is a must need in cyber dragons decks. My friend has 2 and loving their effects.
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