Injection Fairy Lily - LOD-100 - Secret Rare 1st Edition

Injection Fairy Lily LOD 100 Secret Rare 1st Edition Legacy of Darkness LOD 1st Edition Singles
Near Mint 1st Edition English Yugioh Card
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RaritySecret Rare
Card TypeMonster
Card TextThis card's effect can be activated only during the Damage Step of either player's turn. Pay 2000 Life Points to increase the ATK of this monster by 3000 points only during the Damage Step.
Creature TypeSpellcaster/Effect
DescriptionLegacy of Darkness was the 6th expansion of the Yugioh TCG. It was released in June of 2003 and consisted of 101 cards total. Noteworthy cards from Legacy of Darkness include Dark Ruler Ha Des, Injection Fairy Lily & Yata-Garasu.

Spirit monsters were first introduced in this set. Spirit monsters possess the ability “Spirit” and they are able to return to the hand during End Phase.

Legacy of Darkness consists of the following rarity breakdown:

62 Commons
17 Rares
10 Super Rares
10 Ultra Rares
2 Secret Rares
Dimensions3.38" H x 2.31" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- October 28, 2019
-- Nila
Looks can be deceiving
I may have gotten her online.. But getting this card, from her origin series, & in 1st edition Mint condition was too sweet to pass! A very nice combo with her SA & say... A magic card like; Megamorph would bring her to a whopping "6800 ATK"! & imagine if you had yet another card to up her. She would be OP & perfect as a finisher! So don't let her cutsie looks & basic 400 ATK deceive you.... Not all boss Yugioh monsters look like titan sized guys.
- January 08, 2011
-- Austin Smith
I love this card. It save me in couple duels. In one duel I summon Injection Fairy Lily and use Mage Power and set two spell/trap cards. When I use Lily to attack, Lily became 4900 atk points and win the duel.
- January 05, 2011
-- Zo
Megamorph her and you just about have an OTK strategy. Great classic spellcaster.
- December 26, 2010
-- Anonymous
Most art of the Spellcasters are very cute. Injection Fairy Lily, Dark Magician Girl (especially super rare art in DPYG set), Magician Valkyria, etc.... love all spellcasters!!!!
- March 08, 2010
-- shuo
Awsome card to have even in the current meta, when your opponent's lp is low but have plenty of monsters on the field and is about to own you, you NORMAL summon her, strike his weakest monster and one shoot kill him. A must have in a burning deck, she's such a sniper!
- March 01, 2009
-- No SynChros
love this card n all around her, one shoot n you aponents LP goes almost 2 half..n haves style!!!ha, i used to use 3 of this in a mytikal deck, n they used 2 say "u r kracy dude"!!!
- October 24, 2008
-- Some Dude
Very good card. She acts as a deterrent (who would attack her?) as well as a heavy hitter. I pulled her secret rare from a pack and have never let her go.
- November 27, 2007
-- trey
I love when im playing with someone with this card and I summon in and they snicker at the 400 attack points...Then I play heavy storm, lighnting vortex and then pump it to 3400-they dont laugh anymore lol.. Awesome card
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