Hardened Armed Dragon - RGBT-EN083 - Secret Rare 1st Edition

Hardened Armed Dragon RGBT EN083 Secret Rare 1st Edition Raging Battles RGBT 1st Edition Singles
Near Mint 1st Edition English Yugioh Card
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RaritySecret Rare
DescriptionRaging Battles was the 31st expansion of the Yugioh TCG. It was released in May of 2009 and consisted of 111 cards total. Noteworthy cards from Raging Battles include Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu, Koa'Ki Meiru Drago & Power Tool Dragon.

This set first introduces “Earthbound Immortal” and “Koa’ki Meiru” archetypes.

Raging Battles consists of the following rarity breakdown:

44 Commons
20 Rares
14 Super Rares
10 Ultra Rares
8 Secret Rares
10 Ultimate Rares
1 Ghost Rare
4 Short Prints
Dimensions3.38" H x 2.31" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- October 01, 2010
-- Aaron
One word, Yubel.
- December 08, 2009
-- Decklend
This card is great along with EarthBound Immortals, making them impossible to destroy(Not even by their own effect), unless you spin or bounce one.
- January 23, 2010
-- Ian Meyer
Great tribute fodder for an EBI as stated, plus a great combo with fiendish engine Omega as it wont destroy itself but still keep the attack boost, and many other cards that have effects that destroy themselves, not to mention the protection.
- May 25, 2009
-- Darkerai from YCM
This card seems to have some potential...First the protection offered does nothing about spin or removal, yet the pros to this card outweigh the miniscule con...it can be special summoned by discarding a level...not so difficult to do...and the protection the monster gets is still quite impressive.The only problem would be it being EARTH and thus not Allurable...but who cares...
- October 13, 2009
-- James Luu
This card looks like it has potential, yes, though the flaw is *cannot be destroyed by card effects* lots of decks these days won't destroy but send back to the hand >.> pretty pointless if you ask me. though pretty good as cards like lightning vortex, etc won't work on the tributed monster.
- November 18, 2010
-- Anonymous
My card came in really scratched up =[
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