Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant - SOVR-EN041 - Ultra Rare 1st Edition

Blackwing Silverwind the Ascendant SOVR EN041 Ultra Rare 1st Edition Stardust Overdrive SOVR 1st Edition Singles
Played 1st Edition English Yugioh Card
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RarityUltra Rare
DescriptionBlackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant - SOVR-EN041 - Ultra Rare 1st Edition is a Yugioh Ultimatecard from the Stardust Overdrive [SOVR] 1st Edition Singles Yugioh set. This is an Ultra Rare. Yugioh began back in the mid 90's as a weekly short in Shonen Jump by 1999 the TCG game had launched in Japan. Yugioh has gone on to become one of the top card games in the world and has now surpassed 20 years of competitive play worldwide. Additional Details: B0062DRQKQ
Dimensions0" H x 0" W x 0" D
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- June 11, 2010
-- Kevin
Vayu+Blackwing Armor master=SilverWind, Great for come back...
- March 09, 2010
-- Kim Prentice
I was not originally going to get this card but sense I got a blackwing deck it may be useful if I never get Armor Master.
- June 05, 2011
-- Anonymous
To the guy right above me, no, you are wrong. Vayu+Armor Master cannot = Silverwind. I recommend reading the requirements again. It's 1 tuner + "2" or more non tuners so just Vayu and Armor Master won't cut it.Other than that, I must agree that this card has pretty decent effects, but it's kinda hard to get out onto the field... Been running Blackwings for a while now, maybe almost a year, but never have I thought about getting this guy, but nice card nonetheless
- March 10, 2010
-- chris isenberg
shura+mistral+fane = 2 free kills and a single attack block. Alteratively, you can use vayu with armor master to get this for a small cost.
- January 07, 2010
-- Frodo
not the easiest blackwing synchro to get out but it still has great effects
- March 02, 2010
-- Gabriel Tierney
rarely useful compared to armed wing and armor master, but having one gives you more options if in a sticky situation. if money is no problem, get one or two. if you arent rich, just forget it, not worth the money
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