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Obelisk the Tormentor - LC01-EN001 - Ultra Rare

Legendary Collection 1 LC01

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Rarity: Ultra Rare
Manufacturer: Konami
Description: The very powerful and very rare Egyptian God card OBELISK THE TORMENTOR!
Dimensions: 3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.001" D
Ship Weight: 0.004 pounds

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TrollAndToad.ComPlayed English Yugioh Card
$4.09 1 in stock

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Customer Reviews

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July 07, 2011
-- obelisk  

By far the most powerful Egyptian god card ever
July 07, 2011
-- Anonymous  

Obelisk is the most powerful if you know how to use him
May 29, 2011
-- kaileb dilcher  

this a is good card in matter of fact i orderd it friday may 27th but it only says it cant be used in a duel because it doesnt have rules.
March 29, 2011
-- Chris  

What it says on the card is only because it doesn't have proper rules/summoning displayed on this particular card. You can, however, play Egyptian God cards in a duel. I'm not sure of the rules on them, but they have been used in some local tournaments around here :o.
January 29, 2011
-- YOUR MOM!  

No guys you cant use Egyptian Gods to duel with!!! it says it on the card!
January 11, 2011
-- the king of games  

i all ready have all three of them
October 23, 2010
-- nihar  

this guy is really awsome i wish i had this egyptian god
December 22, 2010
-- isaac  

Obelisk is the strongest and easiest to use. Slifer is way more needy, and Ra just plain sucks. Obelisk works in a deck based on preparing ample monsters to sacrifice. Which is very simple, but also he can use excess to clear the field.
December 13, 2010
-- Anonymous  

obelisk is actually the stongest if u know how to use him hes unstoppable
November 02, 2010
-- Anonymous  

this is the weakest god card
June 13, 2011
-- Anonymous  

The only God Cards you CAN use are the ones that have been re-released as Effect Monsters. If you were to use the original Ra and Slifer, technically their ATK and DEF would be 0, and the Obelisk is colored as a Ritual Monster, with no Ritual to Summon him. The Effect versions of Obelisk and Ra have been released so you can effectively use them with little trouble.
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It has potential
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