CCG Select Hidden Treasures Box (Pokemon)

CCG Select Hidden Treasures Box Pokemon CCG Select
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DescriptionCCG Select Hidden Treasures Mystery Box is an adventure into the awesome world of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Why limit yourself to opening a product where you can only pull cards from one given set? This box will include cards, graded cards, packs, and mystery relics from the entire history of Pokemon! We have loaded these boxes with a superior selection compared to other Mystery Boxes on the market!

CCG Select offers a superior and fun alternative to other Pokemon mystery products on the market! Purchase one of their amazing products and find out what separates them from the rest of the pack.

Hidden Treasures Mystery Box includes:

(1-3) Guaranteed Mystery Item(s) AND/OR (1) Graded Card
(4) Pokemon Booster Packs (Packs will be selected from various pools from the entire history of Pokemon spanning from Base Set - Current Sets)

Be on the lookout for Vintage and Chase Packs, as well as coveted graded 10 Pokemon Cards and graded Vintage Holo Rares!

Mystery Items that may be included, but are not limited to are as follows:

- Graded Cards
- Pokemon Pins
- Pokemon Sleeves
- Pokemon Vintage Memorabilia
- Pokemon Tokens
- Pokemon Coins
- Pokemon TCG Relics
- Topps Pokemon Cards
- Limited Edition Pokemon Items
- Vintage or Ultra Rare Pokemon Cards


***Packs, items and cards randomly inserted. Packs, items, and cards shown on box may not be contained within.***
Dimensions3.25" H x 5.75" W x 2" D
Ship Weight0.22 pounds
- July 08, 2022
-- Stefgar Verified Buyer
Pleasantly surprised
I got a base set Pidgey single, a pack of card sleeves, some dice, and a Tapu Bulu enamel pin for my mystery items. My packs were Cosmic Eclipse, Fusion Strike, Shining Fates, and Sword & Shield. I was really happy to see a Sun and Moon pack in the box and I pulled one of the chase cards for that set! I got a really cool baby shiny out of my Shining Fates pack too. Overall I feel like I got my money's worth and some great hits.
- August 19, 2022
-- jonathan Verified Buyer
great buy i feel like i got my moneys worth. got a sticker, got a S&S base set booster, Brilliant stars, Battle styles and Evolving skies. also pikachu sleeves and a PSA mint 9 Solgaleo GX. will be buying again
- September 28, 2022
-- Chris Verified Buyer
Great Box!
This box blew my expectations. I received a couple of coins and dice as well as a Melmetal pokemon go deck. The packs were where it was great. I received one pack of Fusion Strike, Lost Origin, Celebrations, and Black and White Plasma Blast! I was not expecting such an older pack! I definitely recommend these.
- August 23, 2022
-- Tyler Verified Buyer
Not bad, but definitely a gamble
As all other Pokemon things go, this is a gamble. The value here is not actually too bad. We for $29.99 we got a Reverse Holo Koffing from XY Evolutions (PSA 9), and our packs were Chilling Reign, Astral Radiance, Fusion Strike, and Evolving Skies. We also got some of the things from the Professor Juniper collection that's out right now (deck sleeves, coin, damage counter dice). Overall I'd say this was probably worth the gamble. If each pack is $4 (and we're pretending like it's easy to get Evolving Skies for retail right now) and the graded card is worth $5-10, I'd say the value is pretty good here and it's worth the risk.
- October 24, 2022
-- Anthony Verified Buyer
Was average
The box was average I guess it’s hit and miss but it’s still fun to open :)
32.99 $32.99
New Pokelot
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