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CCG Select Charizard Champion Box Pokemon CCG Select
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DescriptionCCG Select Charizard Champion Mystery Box offers an exciting new way to find and collect Charizard and other awesome packs from the history of Pokemon. Graded Charizards, Vintage Packs, Ultra Rare never know what you'll find when you open one of these awesome Champion Boxes!

CCG Select offers a superior and fun alternative to other Pokemon mystery products on the market! Purchase one of their amazing products and find out what separates them from the rest of the pack.

Charizard Champion Box includes:

(1) Charizard Pokemon card (from any era of Pokemon) encased in a beautiful One-Touch Magnetic Card Holder OR a Graded Charizard (PSA, BGS, or CGC).
(3) Pokemon Booster Packs (Packs will be selected from various pools from the entire history of Pokemon including BASE SET)

Be on the lookout for Vintage and Chase Packs, as well as coveted graded 10 Charizards and graded Vintage Charizards!


***Packs and cards randomly inserted. Packs and cards shown on box may not be contained within.***
Dimensions3.25" H x 5.75" W x 1" D
Ship Weight0.3 pounds
- June 16, 2022
-- Brett Verified Buyer
Champions Box
First time ever buying one, overall very satisfied. Got a Charizard out of a dragon majesty (Non holo) and a graded PSA 8 Charizard & Braixen GX! Obviously a lucky go for my first one but I would take the gamble again!
- June 16, 2022
-- Cody L. Verified Buyer
Holy Crap!
So I bought just 1 of these bad boys I got a 1 touch with Leon's charizard in it,
A sun and moon base set pack and shield and sword base set pack.
Whatelse was there...oh yeah a freaking base set pack from 1999! I literally almost teared up because before that point I legit thought I'd never see another base set pack in my lifetime. So thank you for that. Can not wait to buy more to try and get a graded card next time!
- July 16, 2022
-- Beat the price. Verified Buyer
Received gem mint 10
Ended up with some base set sun and moon a chilling reign and xy break. The grades card I received was the champions path elite trainer charizard so ended up being more than I spent so might have to give it another try
- February 10, 2023
-- Hunter Verified Buyer
Great Box
My box arrived promptly as specified. I got some good packs and some pretty good pulls. I also got a beautiful Charizard Vmax Alt art in mint condition. I will definitely be buying another next month. Thanks for the great experience and good service!
- December 03, 2022
-- arcadejinx Verified Buyer
Good Gamble
4.5/5. Like all Pokemon packs, picking up this item can be a gamble. I saw the reviews and rolled the dice. I was not disappointed. Now I may not have gotten a Dark Charizard or some other astronomical super hard to find Charizard, but what I did get was nice and have no real complaints. The extras were nice and the boosters were not horrible, yes there was a Sword and Shield one, but like I said it's a gamble. And this is a night box to do it on. I would do it again.
- September 28, 2022
-- Chris Verified Buyer
Excellent Box
The three packs that I received were Darkness Ablaze, Shining Fates, and XY Steam Siege. To my surprise, they added TWO charizard cards to the box. The first was a non holo rare Charizard from Battle Academy. The second was the banger! The gold metal Charizard card from the Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection box. Such a beauty! I definitely recommend these boxes!
- July 26, 2022
-- Anonymous Verified Buyer
Fun to open
This box was a lot of fun to receive and open. I got a Battle Academy Charizard in the one touch, a couple SwSh era packs, and a Champions Path pack, which was fun to find in there. Aside from that, the actual packaging and size of the box, as well as the weight made it satisfying to hold before opening, and added to the excitement of pulling things from it. I would definitely buy another one of these packs in the future
- October 24, 2022
-- Anthony Verified Buyer
Bought 2
Got 2 of these was unlucky not to get a graded zard but was cool to get a raw zard minimum wasn’t anything too crazy but was fun to open
- October 01, 2022
-- Jill Verified Buyer
Such a surprise! I got a 1999 psa graded shadowless Charizard from this mystery box!! Was shocked. Only thing was I had to pay extra duty fees on my order from troll&toad.. awesome mystery box though.
- September 13, 2022
-- Luke Verified Buyer
About even
Purchased 2 boxes, packs included were 2x chilling reign, 1x vivid voltage, 1x fusion strike, 1x sword and shield and a sun and moon. Would like to see the odds for “random inserted vintage packs” and what packs are considered vintage.
- September 07, 2022
-- Phillip Verified Buyer
Pretty Good
Was hoping for a better Zard but the packs were pretty good. I'd definitely try another box.
39.99 $39.99
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