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Any order placed after 11/30/18 will be subject to the updated deduction policy.How to Sell Guide
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Submit Your List

You can locate the specific item you are looking to sell by using the product search bar located at the top of the Buylist Page. By using key phrases, such as the name of your product, you can generate a list that will only show products relevant to the name or phrase you entered.

You can also find the item by clicking on the appropriate category name for the item you are selling. This will take you to the sub­category page where you can select the specific set or expansion for the item you are wanting to sell. From here you can scroll down the list to find the individual product you want to sell.

The current price as well as the quantity we are willing to purchase will be listed beside each item. Once you locate the product, simply enter in the amount you wish to sell. Your cart will update automatically. The cart allows for a wide range of control with your order. You can update the quantity of a product you are selling in real time,remove a single product, clear your entire cart and/or submit your order without leaving the page.

Ship Your Items

If possible we ask that you please include a printout of your invoice in your package. We strongly recommend that you choose a shipping method that includes tracking and insurance.

Get Paid!

After you complete your list you will be asked to choose a method of payment for your order. All payments are generally made within 5 business days after your order is processed. When the package arrives, we will verify the items you sent in to make sure they are in the appropriate condition. We will then issue a payment based on the payment type you chose.

  • All purchases are subject to the policies on this page. Failure to adhere to any of these policies may result in TrollAndToad.Com suspending your selling privileges.
  • If you have any questions please contact our trained buying staff at buyer@trollandtoad.com
  • You must have a TrollAndToad.com account to be able to submit your order.
  • You must be at least 18 years old, or have a parent/legal guardian submit the order.
  • Your order total must be at least $30 minimum.
  • Our buy lists are provided for your information only and should not be considered an offer to buy.
  • Buy list prices and quantities in demand are subject to change at any time, for any reason.
  • Sending us an item constitutes an offer to sell the item "as is".
  • TrollAndToad.Com reserves the right to refuse any offer made to us.
  • TrollAndToad.com reserves the right to limit the number of items submitted as well as to refuse a sale at any time, for any reason.
  • TrollAndToad.com is not responsible for any packages lost or damaged during transit. If your package arrives at our facility with obvious damage we will refuse delivery and you will be responsible for contacting the shipping company to file a claim.
  • We do not Accept C.O.D.
  • The shipping and handling cost of sending us your order is your responsibility. If your order arrives with postage due we will automatically deduct that amount from your order total. If the order total cannot cover the cost, your package will be refused.
  • Any package that arrives with customs due (this includes customs taxes, duties, or fees) will be automatically refused.
  • The payment amount is not finalized until after we receive your package and verify its contents.
  • If the total for your order is greater than $5,000.00 we ask that you also contact us at buyer@trollandtoad.com to schedule proper payment.
  • The Web Credit Trade In Bonus does not applied to any bulk product.
  • You must write the Sell Order Number on the outside of your package.
  • Put the items in the order of your invoice, failure to do so may result in a sorting fee of $10.00 per hour spent sorting your order. This fee will be deducted from your order total.
  • If there are any errors found in your order (i.e. Wrong Items, Wrong Conditions, Missing, Damaged) we will automatically deduct the difference in price from your order total. You will not be contacted regarding the new order total. We will only contact you for approval if the difference in price is 12% or more or if the difference is $100.00 or more. Damaged condition items from your order can be returned upon request within 30 days of the date your order completes processing.
  • During checkout, you will be given the "Quick Pay Option" to automatically accept any deductions on your order without being contacted. If you choose this option it means you are agreeing to accept any and all deductions for your order regardless of the price difference (even if the deduction is 12% or more or $100.00 or more). This results in getting paid for your items faster!

We ask that when selling us bulk, you do not sort it alphabetically, by set, by edition, or by rarity. The exceptions to these are if you are selling a specific type of bulk(ex. If you are selling 100 bulk rares, those should be clearly discernible from other cards in your order). In those cases, we still do not want them sorted alphabetically or by set.

When selling bulk commons and uncommons, at least 15% must be uncommons.

The troll cash bonus is not applied to any bulk product.

Most of the damaged packages we receive are large packages containing bulk cards. We recommend that you use void fill to ensure there is no empty space for the cards to shift about. Also, please be aware of how heavy the box is after packing. You may want to double box heavy packages to ensure they are not damaged in transit.


If errors are found in your order that results in a price difference of 12% or more or $100.00 or more, we will send you an updated offer via email. You will have three (3) business days to respond to our counter offer. If we do not receive a response within the three (3) day period, we will assume you have accepted the offer and process your payment with the appropriate deductions applied.

Put the items in the order of your invoice, failure to do so may result in a sorting fee of $10.00 per hour spent sorting your order. This fee will be deducted from your order total.

If you wish to have any of the items returned, you must request this at the time you accept the deduction. TrollAndToad.Com will return any requested items to you at our expense. Please note that once the deduction is accepted (this includes deductions that did not receive a response), any item received will then be considered the property of TrollAndToad.Com and will no longer be eligible to be returned.

Any order that is received with excessive errors will not be processed and will be returned. Repeated violations may result in TrollAndToad.Com suspending your selling privileges.

Additional Payment Policies

**Payment amount is not finalized until after we receive your package and verify its contents.

If the total for your order is greater than $5,000.00 we ask that you also contact us at buyer@trollandtoad.com to schedule proper payment.

You may change your payment type at any time before your order arrives at TrollAndToad.Com. To do this, go to: My Account > Buy List Order History. As long as the status is ‘In Transit’ you will be able click the payment method for that order and change it. Once we have received your order, the payment type may no longer be changed.

Check: This is the least efficient payment option, and is only available for orders that total $30 or more. Orders less than $30 will be paid via Website Credit. Payments by check are made out to the name you provide at the time you place your sell order. Please be sure to use your full name and avoid pen or usernames. The address you provide during checkout will be the address we ship your payment to, so make sure it is accurate. Checks are shipped via USPS Letter Mail and generally arrive within 1­ to 2 weeks of being shipped. Checks shipped to International customers are sent via USPS First Class Mail International and may take up to 45 days for delivery. If your check has not arrived within 45 days, and you are within the United States, contact us and we will reissue the check. If you request a replacement check in less than 45 days, we will charge a $40 stop-payment fee before we reissue.

Paypal: When choosing PayPal, you will be ask to provide us with your PayPal email address. This email will be the account your payment is made to. Please note that our payment system does not recognize Paypal.me links. Payment will be subject to applicable PayPal fees (currently set by Paypal at 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you receive). You will receive less than the finalized total after PayPal fees.

Website Credit: This is the quickest payment method. Website credit orders over $30.00 will receive an additional 25% bonus. Please note that the troll cash bonus does not apply towards the bulk on your order. If the amount for a single order is greater than $30.00 in any non-bulk product, you will receive an additional 25% credit. You may still choose website credit as your payment method on an order containing only bulk, but you will not receive the 25% bonus. The credit will be applied to the TrollAndToad.com account associated to the email address you used to place your sell order. Once applied, credit may be used at any time.

Packing and Shipping

We Do Not Accept C.O.D.

Please be sure to always write the sell order number on the outside of your package.

Domestic orders must be received within ten (10) business days of the date the buy list was submitted (orders shipped from outside the US are given twenty (20) business days to arrive at our facility). We strongly suggest that you choose a shipping method that includes both delivery confirmation as well as insurance. Please be sure to pack your items securely. TrollAndToad.Com is not responsible for packages not received. Please note that if your package appears damaged it will be immediately refused upon delivery and returned to you. If your package arrives at our facility with Postage Due we will notify you via email and deduct the total due from your sell order.

If you have multiple buy lists you can send them together in the same package. However, if doing so you must write each individual order number you are sending on the outside of the box. Below is an example of how the order numbers need to be written:

Sell Order # 11111, 11112 and 11113
250 American Greeting Card Rd
Corbin, KY 40701

Failure to adhere to this policy may result in your orders being returned. We are not responsible for any order that is lost due to a violation of this policy.

We ask that you do not send product for a single order in multiple packages. Your order can not be processed until all packages arrive at our facility and just because it was shipped at the same time does not mean it will arrive altogether. If you must separate the order into different packages, please clearly label the outside of the box as to how many packages are being sent in total and which package each is. Also, please be sure to write the order number on the outside of each package. For example; Order # 11111 box 1 of 5, Order # 11111 box 2 of 5, etc.

You may not send returns, payments, etc in the same package as your sell order.

Cards may not be shipped in binders, 9 pocket pages, toploaders or sleeves. This helps expedite the time it takes us to process your order. We reserve the right to refuse any buy list orders that do not adhere to this rule, or charge a fee for additional processing.

Cards should also be packaged in order of the invoice provided upon checkout completion (first face-up card in deck should be the first card on invoice).

To keep your cards from being damaged, you can divide the cards (if there are several) into decks and sandwich them between something such as cardboard to keep them from shifting within a package. A sheet of paper folded and taped around each deck is another easy way to secure your items. If this method is used, be sure to label each deck as 1/3, 2/3, etc. so we know what order they go in and that you will not receive a sorting fee. Deck boxes are another common means of keeping cards from moving in transit. Making sure there is no additional room in a package is the key to making sure the items are not damaged.

Packing Miniatures:

Please make sure that the miniatures are placed in bags that are sorted by set. Each bag should be labeled with its corresponding set. Cards should also be sorted by set and then in numerical order within each set. Bulk miniatures and cards should be sorted the same way and must be clearly separated from any singles. Failure to do so can result in a sorting fee. Additionally, do not individually wrap miniatures in packing material unless it is of significant value (IE: $15 or more) as this slows processing significantly.

Packing Video Games:

Video games should be in order of the invoice to avoid a sorting fee. Small, loose cartridges can be placed into sandwich bags that are separated by console (IE: Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced, Nintendo DS, etc). Filling any empty space within a package will keep the games in order during shipping. If there are 20 or more games with a single sticker that must be removed and/or orders that contain 10 or more games that have two (2) or more stickers on each will also result in a sorting fee.

Put the items in the order of your invoice, failure to do so may result in a sorting fee of $10.00 per hour spent sorting your order. This fee would be deducted off your order total. Please make sure that your bulk is easily discernible from your singles.

How Do I Find My Order Status?

You can check the status of your order by going to: My Account > Buy List Order History. There will be a column displaying the order's status; simply locate the specific order number you are looking for.

Status Meanings

In Transit: Your order has not arrived or has not been checked in yet.

Arrived at TrollAndToad.Com: We have verified that your package has arrived at our facility.

Processing: We are currently evaluating your order to verify its contents. If any problems are found, you will be contacted via email.

Waiting for Customer: If your order has an issue, such as a deduction, we need to talk to you about a revised offer. Watch for an email from us. If you do not see an email in your inbox, check your Spam box, as some email hosts may filter our emails.

Confirmed, Pending Payment: We have confirmed your order or you have accepted our counter offer, and are now in the queue to be paid by our accounting department.

Complete: We have sent your payment.

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