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Card TypeMono Artifact
Card Text
: Target player mills two cards.
ArtistKaja Foglio
Flavor TextMore than one mage was driven insane by the sound of the Millstone relentlessly grinding away.
DescriptionAntiquities Single Card
Release Date1994-03-04
Dimensions0" H x 0" W x 0" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- April 25, 2009
-- Veteran Planeswalker
go for the antiquities version its the only one that dont tap, now if you combine that version with up to four mana flares+wall of opposition( so u don't take mana burn and keep u safe)+ stasis+ storm cauldron+ spellbook, you will have one of the greatest library decking combos in magic
- August 25, 2005
-- Brendan Davis
you can get rid of your opponent's deck quickly
- May 13, 2002
-- gangrel6
This card just rocks! I'm glad to see the Millstone still around and finally with new artwork. It is great for black decks that are based primarily around library/hand depletion. And best of all, you get to see your opponent squirm as you disassemble his/her library!
- April 20, 2001
-- Anonymous
Millstone is an excellent card in so many decks, it is a must for any true magic player
- February 21, 2011
-- Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The Antiquities version omits the tap symbol, but classifies the Millstone as a "Mono Artifact", meaning that it taps in addition to the other costs of using its ability. It got me at first, too.
- May 28, 2007
-- rogonandi
It's obviously got its uses, being that it can grind your opponent's library away. It can work to eliminate cards that your opponent otherwise could've used, though there is quite a bit of guesswork if you don't know what there is to grind. You could end up giving your opponent an advantage if you happened to grind away cards he didn't need so he can get to that Thorn Elemental or Akroma, Angel of Wrath that he needed to kill you. If he happens to be playing a threshhold deck, that could cause problems as well as you're giving him easy graveyard padding to give that special threshhold effect. That being said, if you are running a threshhold deck and can part with a few cards, by all means, grind away until you have 7 cards in your graveyard.
- May 22, 2002
-- Anonymous
Millstone is O.K. It can be good when trying to deck someone. But, it is extremely slow, and is nowhere near as effective as Ambassador Laquatus, or Traumatize. When combined with Ambassador, Tramauatize, and Haunting Echoes, you have a nearly unstoppable deck. But overall, Millstone's effect is hampered by having to tap it. If it was just 2 colorless it would be better than Ambassador.
- March 10, 2002
-- Treefolk 1
millstone is good in library depletion decks, but if it is the only library depleting card that you have, it takes an extremely long time to get anywhere near decking them and by that time the game will be over.
- March 13, 2011
-- Anonymous
you know i dont see what so good about this card you are tapping two just to put the top 2 cards of someones library in their gravyard it might be good for another deck but i reccomend Grindclock it can mill alot more than mill stone in a mill deck
- February 15, 2011
-- Anonymous
I'm not really sure what everyone is raving about? If you're to use this card in a mill-deck, its 2 mana for 2 cards? Glimpse The Unthinkable is 2 mana for 10.. Am I missing some important combo or something?
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