Oblivion Ring

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Casting Cost
Card TextWhen Oblivion Ring enters the battlefield, exile another target nonland permanent. When Oblivion Ring leaves the battlefield, return the exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control.
ArtistFranz Vohwinkel
DescriptionArchenemy Single Card
Release Date2010-06-18
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- May 14, 2011
-- Jay
This and Journey to Nowhere are the BANE of Emrakul's existence, lawlz! Take that st00p1d no-talent Polymorph decks, I have an answer... Anyway, the old school combo with O-Ring + Vedalken Mastermind is still awesome to do; despite some who would argue that paying {2W} and a {U, Tap Vedalken Mastermind:} in response to the triggered ability going onto the stack, too much work/mana to permanently exile a non-land target... What do those nuubz know anyway? This card is MINT in Pauper format!

P.S. The art on the new print of O-Ring, from Knights vs. Dragons, blows the original out of the water.
- June 30, 2010
-- Anonymous
Simply an amazing removal. Only a converted mana cost of 3 and makes those scary Planeswalkers go bye-bye. Amazing in control decks that run white.
- September 01, 2008
-- Greg Johnston
oooh it removes Planeswalkers too!! (I just realized that) Anyway, very nice, very nice. People are running Elivish Hexhunters a lot in their SB's cuz of Birtterblossom, so it'll die easily in the 2nd and third games.
- November 02, 2007
-- Cale Saucer
First we had Pacifisms to take care of big creatures. Then, Faith's Fetters to handle activated abilities and creatures. Now we have something to make creatures, static abilities, activated abilities, and triggered abilities useless.
- October 23, 2007
-- Anonymous
Quite possibly the best all around removal. Enchantment, artifact, creature and planeswalker, all gone thanks to it. You can't ask for much more from a 3cc spell.
- May 19, 2008
-- zimmer
great card and all too easy to get ahold of. even better for fast decks
- April 02, 2008
-- Anonymous
This card is fantastic when it comes down to defense. I find it to be useful in Merfolk Decks and generally most decks that run white but it has its weak points. For example if they run anti-enchantment. But it is still a fantastic defensive move. I would run at least two or three.
- March 31, 2008
-- ben
great in draft, i've been stung by it's oblivion ring piece many times!
- March 04, 2008
-- Anonymous
This is one of the best in standard for white spot removal.
- February 13, 2008
-- Topher
Excellent spot removal, and a versatile combo piece combined with bounce effects or CIP or leaves play triggers. Slow at Sorcery speed, with the added vulnerability to Natualize/Disenchant effects. A good card, but not the universal answer some credit it with.
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