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Casting Cost
Card TypeMono Artifact
Card Text
: Tap target artifact, creature, or land.
SetLimited Edition Beta
ArtistDouglas Shuler
Flavor TextThe scavengers who first found it called it the 'Bone Crank.'  Not a bad name, I'd say." -Arcum Dagsson, Soldevi Machinist
DescriptionThe Beta set was designed by Richard Garfield and released in October of 1993.  This set consists of 302 cards, 75 common, 95 uncommon and 117 rares with 15 lands.  Beta cards have black borders.  The Beta card introduced a new corner layout that remains today.   Estimated print run was 7,800,000 cards. 

Cards of note in this set are many, including the Power Nine cards at the top of the heap. Ancestral Recall, Black Lotus, Mox Emerald, Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, Mox Ruby, Mox Sapphire, Timetwister & Time Walk make up the Power Nine.  Additionally Dual Lands, Birds of Paradise, Serra Angel, Sol Ring and many other notable cards are found throughout the set.  Two new cards were added, Circle of Protection: Black and Volcanic Island along with a 3rd variant of the 5 basic lands.
Release Date1993-10-04
Dimensions0" H x 0" W x 0" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- June 17, 2009
-- Marek
Many time he save ma a*s and then I won. Stop the opponents attack, or make my attack clean. One of the most usable card in my old deck.
- March 23, 2009
-- Luna
Alpha, Beta, and Unlimited versions are NOT better. They are a "mono" artifact, which means that they could only be used once per turn.I do like the aesthetics better on the older versions though...
- January 24, 2008
-- Michael
Icy Manipulator is absolutely the best for tapping your serra angel on cold nights.
- June 13, 2007
-- BlackandBlue
Just want to clarify one thing regarding a previous comment on this item (even though it was posted about 2 years ago). Alpha, Beta, Unlimited versions clearly state that this item needs to tap after use. It's a "Mono Artifact", meaning ability causes artifact to tap when used.
- February 05, 2006
-- Lonnie
Dtto to all of the other reviews above. This card is all that and some change. It's just a good, classic, and all around fun card. Oh how I love to use it to just have fun with opponents... or even slap down a blind with anger and have even more fun. It's just oodles of fun to tap your opponents best card, then when they think it's safe to attack with any other creatures they have, blind with anger drops a jaw or two. lol... hehehe...mistaaa!!!
- February 17, 2005
-- Sean Ollech
Very understated ability. With Royal Assassin, can allow you to kill any creature on the board. With Winter Orb, it allows your opponent to suffer the effects, while you still escape. Affects everything, lands, creatures, and artifacts, which is much broader than most, for just 1.
- November 23, 2003
-- some M.T.G. player
Ice Manipulator is by far my #1
- December 08, 2002
-- StevenJ
This card is a great way to knock off creatures when paired up with either Norritt or Nettling Imp, both have the same ability, Nettling Imp costs one less to play though. Use Icy Manipulator tap target creature then use Nettling Imp or Norritt to force that creature to attack, if it can't attack, at the end of turn, the creature dies. Since the creature can't attack because it's tapped due to Icy Manipulator, it shall be dead at the end of turn. All you have to pay is one colorless for Icy's activation cost. The only draw-back is that only one creature per turn can be destroyed because you have to tap Norrit/ Imp and Icy to use their abilities.
- November 13, 2001
-- Tom Burton
Great card!!! Combine 4 of these with 4 rings of Gix and you can make your friends hate you for life.
- April 25, 2001
-- ryan vargovich
Fun to have, horrible at the recieving end, please don't hate me for this, this card is so great!!!!!!
- June 30, 2006
-- Bill Jubinville
One of the greatest artifacts in Magic. Add some royal assassins with these for a great 1-2 punch.
- January 04, 2005
-- Anonymous
Oracle has changed the text of the alpha and beta icy manipulators to be the same as the current ones. Even though they say one thing, they must tap in order to use their ability, like the ice age or mirrodin ones. Still a useful card though.
- December 18, 2002
Ah, nostalgia for those olden times isn't entirely misplaced when looking on the lightning enhaloed silvery globe. God! this card looked awsome, not to mention its ability wasn't too shabby either. My first good deck had this in it.
- March 09, 2005
-- Anonymous
get the vastly superiour artwork and old school acumen of the 'beta' version over this upstart pretender............
- December 23, 2004
-- Ryan
This is a very good card, but Alpha, Beta, and Unlimited versions are better. In those versions you still have to pay the one colorless mana, but you dont have to tap it. You can have only one Icy Manipulator in play and do more with it than if you had four of the Mirrodin or Ice Age ones in play. Overall the card is good but if you want to play with one, spend a little extra money and buy an Alpha, Beta, or an Unlimited one.
- November 14, 2003
-- Anonymous
Very good card considering it can stall for you if your opponent controls one or two creatures because it allows you to keep on tapping them. This card isnt great but it can be very productive at times.
- August 28, 2004
-- DarKlown
I keep this in my deck not only to add to my Nim creatures but its just fun tapping someones big nasty creature he was just waiting to smack me with.
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