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Casting Cost
Card TypeEnchantment
Card TextAt the beginning of the end step, if no creatures are on the battlefield, sacrifice Pestilence.
: Pestilence deals 1 damage to each creature and each player.
SetLimited Edition Beta
ArtistJesper Myrfors
Flavor Text
DescriptionThe Beta set was designed by Richard Garfield and released in October of 1993.  This set consists of 302 cards, 75 common, 95 uncommon and 117 rares with 15 lands.  Beta cards have black borders.  The Beta card introduced a new corner layout that remains today.   Estimated print run was 7,800,000 cards. 

Cards of note in this set are many, including the Power Nine cards at the top of the heap. Ancestral Recall, Black Lotus, Mox Emerald, Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, Mox Ruby, Mox Sapphire, Timetwister & Time Walk make up the Power Nine.  Additionally Dual Lands, Birds of Paradise, Serra Angel, Sol Ring and many other notable cards are found throughout the set.  Two new cards were added, Circle of Protection: Black and Volcanic Island along with a 3rd variant of the 5 basic lands.
Release Date1993-10-04
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- December 14, 2009
-- Peitsa
This card is epic. The old-school way to play it was to combo it with a wall, swing a few times with a hard-to-block creature (typically flying) and then chip away your opponent's health and clear the board with Pestilence. I might just make such a deck right now, in fact!
- July 02, 2009
-- Xarr
Pestilence+drainlifes+mana accleration=game over!
- January 08, 2010
-- Ron Ploeger
combo up with godhead of awe and watch eveything go away!
- December 09, 2008
-- Anonymous
Excellent card to take out massive number of 1/1s and 2/2s. Dark Ritual makes this easy to get out and do damage early.
- August 14, 2008
-- Anonymous
this in a combo with boomerang and death pits of rath is amazing. You play this with deathpits out and then use boomerang to return your big heavy-hitter to your hand to rampage the next turn.
- December 21, 2007
-- Luke
A annoying card, but I do use it with Sprouting Phytohydra.
- August 05, 2006
-- liz yarrow
not a bad card for breaking down monster combo decks like elfs or clerics which are commonly small it helps to control the numbers and reduce their bonuses
- June 22, 2009
-- mark
does anyone know: would a mishra's factory (which is a creature until end of turn,) keep pestilence alive?
- February 12, 2005
-- Anonymous
although the original version's art leaves nothing to be desired and is entirely satisfactory, i prefer the 'urza's saga' version as the best of the many sets. enjoy!
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