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Rarity Rare
Color Artifiact
Casting Cost
Card Type Artifact Creature - Wizard Leg
Card Text
: Target permanent becomes an artifact in addition to its other types. (This effect lasts indefinitely.)
: Gain control of target artifact. (This effect lasts indefinitely.)
Creature Type Wizard
Set Darksteel
Artist Carl Critchlow
Flavor Text In the blur between metal and flesh, Memnarch found madness.
Description Darksteel Single Card
Release Date 02/06/2004
Dimensions 3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight 0.004 pounds
- March 06, 2017
-- Anonymous
- March 22, 2010
-- Dylan
I'm thinking about putting 1 or 2 of these in my Eternal Dominion deck. Now, not only do I get your best cards from your deck, but I get your best cards in play as well! Whenever my friends ask me what deck I am playing, I smile and respond with, "yours."
- September 01, 2009
-- jason
this card is a stud. i use him in my Oona EDH deck ,that has a major Artifact theme, as a deterrent to those annoying Artifact sweepers. you wanna blow up all my artifacts? i'll turn all your land into artifacts and you can 'Geddon yourself.. lol. not to mention, Memnarch is an answer to anything that annoys you. just steal it.
- February 11, 2008
-- Jordan
I love this card.
- May 27, 2007
-- DRM!(94
Wow, my brother has one of these, and I can never beat him in a game. I like to have decks with lots of artifact creatures in it but when this card is out, my deck is screwed. I actually just bought one of these, but the only problem with it is it's a legendary creature and there can only be one legendary creature out at a time. This card is pretty unknown, which is why it has no other reviews. It also costs 7 mana, but i have other card in my daeck that cost that much or more(darksteel gargoyle, darksteel forge, and tower of champions) so this isnt much of a problem for me.
- October 06, 2006
-- Anonymous
The second best card in Darksteel
- March 14, 2006
-- Scott
Used in a blue deck this guy is a true monster. Stealing your opponets field will tend to irritate them. . .but it's always fun to see their face when you take their prized card.
- July 16, 2005
-- onur
- June 25, 2005
-- Dave
Yes, I do agree that you did get ripped off because even if you are a beginner this card is good because there is no thinking process of how to use this card, just steal other cards from your opponent, and plus nobody even uses counterspeels anymore, they are old school.
- April 22, 2005
-- Cole
Just the thought of Memnarch makes my friends shudder. Not the theft part,thats bad, but the turning stuff into artifacts. Ban my artifact land will ya? HA I laugh at your puny banning and play a Broodstar to boot! Then I turn the broodstar into an artifact. Oh and I add in darksteel forge....and then the space pigs showed up..wait where was I?
- March 03, 2005
-- Carsten Opseth
ripped him off? you got ripped after my oppinion! :P
anyways.. memnarch is so great, i use him and Bosh, Iron Golem in one of my winner decks.. These guys are so great:D
- January 03, 2005
-- Gibberz
This really is a good card, but it is easily stopped. Counterspell, yes? I couldn't use this card very well, me being a beginner and all, so I traded it to my friend Greg along with my whispersilk cloak for ben-ben akki hermit, an avatar of might, a coretapper and two blazes...I feel kinda bad though...I ripped him off bad.
- December 15, 2004
-- Anonymous
Wicked thing. A 'mycosynth lattice' and or a 'darksteel forge' really toughen this dude up.
- November 08, 2004
-- Anonymous
Memnarch is the perfect, reusable, confiscate.
- October 16, 2004
-- Anonymous
I'm reading the book that has Memnarch in it he is the friggin guardian of Mirrodin, of course he is going to be a pimp
- June 10, 2004
-- Søren Crawak
Hmm... Let me see...
What is the strongest and most powerfull card you have ever seen? Easy, It's Memnarch!
First of all it has the ability to make anything into an artefact (and it dosen't even end when you end your turn!).
Second, you can take one of the opponents ARTEFACTS and put it on your side of the field, pretty cool right!?! (And this effect dosen't end at the end of your turn either!)

And here it was, another review from the one and only: Søren Crawack... (I'm form Denmark that's why my name is so weird!)
- May 17, 2004
-- Dan McCluskey
Great card, whether for artifact or anti artifact decks. Gotta save a shatter for this one.
- April 01, 2004
-- Adam
This is an awosme card b/c if you have an infante mana combo( quilded lotus, peminns aura, aphetto alchemist) then it takes over EVERYTHING on the board
- February 16, 2004
-- Kakoran
How cheap this card is. I love it. I get this baby with my Darksteel forge and BAM!

I love it.
- June 09, 2007
-- Kevin Bruhwiler
The second cheapest card in the world and it's so inexpensive, playing an artifact deck with this your sure to win.
- January 07, 2007
-- Anonymous
This card is awesome for 7 to play! And with its affect too. But, your plans could be foiled with simple counter spells. In all its a good card to in most situations.
- May 13, 2005
-- Alex Roberts
The only real drawback to this card is that if another player takes it for a turn and uses its abiltiy on itself then you don't get it back at end of turn... then again thats why blue has bounce and why white has removal.
- August 05, 2006
-- Dan Teget
Ultimate Combo
Grim Monolith
Power Artifact

Mycosynth Lattice

Darksteel Forge


Grim Monolith with Power Artifact goves you infinite mana
Mycosynth Lattice lets you spend this mana as any color you wish
Mycosynth Lattice makes everything an artifact
Darksteel Forge makes all artifacts indestructible
Memnarch steals all artifacts the turn it comes out via your infinite blue mana.
- August 07, 2006
-- Anonymous
This is the worst card i have ever seen my friend uses a artifact deck with this in it and it stinks!
my deck totally destroys him. If your looking for the greatest card ever look at eager cadet!!!
8.29 $8.29
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