Elvish Aberration Duel Decks Elves vs Inventors Singles
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Rarity Common
Set Duel Deck Elves vs Inventors
Description Duel Deck Elves vs Inventors Single Card
Dimensions 3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
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- July 20, 2008
-- Percy
Yes... Itīs an elf... a elf warrior is an elf... so a mutant one is an elf as well :) However, itīs a weirdo :D Excellent card for Armageddon decks. You can even have enough elves to: First, add to your mana pool the casting cost of this card. Then, cast an Armaggedon and a Wrath of God. You still have 5F on your pool. You cast this guy, you are the only one with a 4/5 and also with three F. (Likely 3F and an additional forest or a plain) You can cast a bird of paradise and in your second turn after this you will have this elf (FFF) The bird of paradise and hopefully a plain... so a Serra can come. Game over.
- February 10, 2005
-- Märk
I have been waiting YEARS for this card and on has my favorite artwork of all time to boot! This is THE KEY card to any mana compounding deck. He's different from the pack in that it's 4/5! He can be brought directly into play with skyshroad poacher for 3 mana, and also be untapped with Wirewood lodge. It's main benefit is in a compounding mana deck. Here's a scenario, I don't like 1/1 elfs, so easily picked off. This scenario is not unlikely, it shows a compounding mana deck that can survive a tremor or timmy and be a turn 4 powerhouse! Turn 1: Put a land down, tap, put down a llanowar (or birds of paradise) Turn 2: Put another land down, tap 2 lands & llanowar put Nantuko elder down Turn 3: Put another land down, tap 3 lands, llanowar, and Nantuko Elder put Elvish Aberration Turn 4: Put a land down (pref wirewood lodge), you now have 10 mana (11 with a wirewood lodge) and can play your Tooth and Nail w/Entwine for a Triskelion and Mephidross vampire to wipe out all their creatures turn 4, or Dozen Eyes w/Entwine, Keeper of the Beasts, etc. The key is Elvish Aberration Turn 3 you have a 4/5 blocker that stomps weenie decks, often your opponent cowars and doesn't attack with the 4/5 Aberration blocking, then on turn 4 you have 9+ mana which opens up the combo's! Tooth and nail for a Mephidross Vampire and Triskelion to kill their creatures on Turn 4. The best is that by turn 3 you own the game with Elvish Aberration out, your opponent usually has only attacked you on turn 2.
- October 24, 2007
-- gb1421
one question do "elvish mutants" still count as elves? if so he might have a useful spot in my elf deck
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