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Casting Cost
Card TextHaste (This creature can attack and
as soon as it comes under your control.)
: Kamahl, Pit Fighter deals 3 damage to any target.
Creature TypeHuman,Barbarian
SetDuel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters
ArtistKev Walker
Flavor TextIn times when freedom seems lost, great souls arise to reclaim it.
DescriptionDuel Deck: Heroes vs. Monsters Single Card
Release Date2013-09-06
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- July 20, 2010
-- Robert B.
Kamahl is one of my favorite cards, Use Living Armor artifact in non tournament play and that 1 is now 7. 6/7 for 6 is not bad. Any warrior with the right equipment can win a battle even a goblin can win the day if he has the right gear.Long live the Goblins.
- July 28, 2007
-- Sean Mozo
What an awesome card, any creature with toughness below 3 doesn't stand a chance. One big PING and dead! It's a good card. Well done.
- July 21, 2006
-- Dylan Peter
This card goes great in my swamp/mt. deck.kamahl is the best and my favorite card.
- November 15, 2005
-- asswipe
SUPER DUPER card!!!!
- March 19, 2005
-- stephen forbes
I LOVE Kamahl!! He kicks a$$!
- December 01, 2004
-- Anonymous
I can just see it now: The undefeated pit-fighting team of Kamahl and Tim!
- December 26, 2003
-- Anonymous
I give him a 5 because hes a good card. Dont mind his 6/1 life thats easily fixable. Add some Armor attachments Like slag wurm and gain him +0+6 and Slap down a Sword of kaldra to add +5+5 on him and use his Ping on a creature and walla that creature is destroyed : ) and banished from the game (Sword of kaldra When A Creature is dealt damage that creature is destroyed and cant be regenerated) hehe Dont you just love Mirrodin.
- February 28, 2003
-- Anonymous
this card is aseoum in a green red deck you play him useing things like spike weaver and crap to defend your self and pick on your opponet till he dies you can play install energy and other things to speed this up the only problem is he has 1 toughness but it doesnt really matter unless your opponet has a red deck i think this card is best agians white and green so put it on your side board but can be easily killed by the other colors
- January 11, 2003
-- Anonymous
This card is very good.
- June 08, 2002
-- Anonymous
It is a pretty good card but is it better than a Nantuko Primus?Target creature gets +5+5 untill end of turn but just for 6 mana he is pretty good
- February 25, 2002
-- Anonymous Nemo
longlive captain bolt!!!
- November 25, 2001
-- Death Claims All
6 mana for a 6/1 with haste that can ping for a simple 3 damage is alright. But try puting his own desire on him and see how he does. The problem is that he has a toughness of 1. So any simple burn spell could kill him. But in the right deck he could deal some serious damage. I have a R/U/G Deck that he would be great in.
- September 22, 2009
-- zombie242003
Same with what everyone else has said,good,could be better because of the 1 toughness (ball lightning for 3 btw)...would be better with reflexes and/or sadistic glee
- August 01, 2008
-- The Burninator
Decent card. High mana cost makes him a little sketchy to play, but if you can get around that hes good. basically a ball lightning that sticks around and is a bolt on a stick! better than green k's overrun on a stick in my opinion. As far as his one def goes, ever hear of one of the numerous spells and artifacts out there that pump def? I sure have. theres alot. its seriously not that hard to tweak his def a little. Heck, even throwing first strike on him would probably be enough to save his life unless your playing against a burn or removal, and if it's removal his toughness doesnt matter anyway, cause if they want him gone bad enough he's gone. So I guess what im saying is I don't get everyone's beef with the one def. My beef is more with his mana cost.
- July 25, 2008
-- Will Scott
ping and shoot w/ brion stoutarm=9 dmg. but why stop there? why not throw in some gratuitous violence into play to make 18 dmg easily+ gain 6 life.
- June 11, 2008
-- Greg Johnston
Amazing and hasty but...a 6/1 is gonna die so easily...
- April 16, 2008
-- Eli
Dominates in an Izzet deck with Freed from the Real
- December 21, 2003
-- Anonymous
Four and a half, really. Kamahal kicks, but Jeska is slightly better. Once u add a Vulshok Battlegear to both, they are some of the best cards in the game. Even Leonine Scimitar help enough to keep them alive.
- October 23, 2003
-- Henry Valdes
This card is a must have if you what i mean becuase it has haste and it's a 6/1 and so it has tap deal 3 damage to target creature or player so you got to admit that is awesome
- September 30, 2002
-- Anonymous
Good in a red/blue deck. Use Alexi's cloak on it so it can't be killed by a burn spell, and use Kamahl's Desire on it t give it first strike.
- May 29, 2002
-- Kelvin Bicasan
Kamahl,Pit Fighter is awesome.He can actually deal very good damage to a creature.His toughness is 1 and can be killed by spell or get burn.He's very perfect to my B/R deck.He's a good tag team partner for Stalking Bloodsucker and Baron Sengir,Vampiric Dragon,Avatar of Woe and Avatar of Fury.
- March 30, 2002
-- Sir Megallot
He's pretty decent but not a five star. a toughness of 1 speaks for itself. he actually works decent in counter/burn/haste because he can hit fir 6 when dropped, plus even if a creature is out he pings decent. but a toughness of one is his main flaw.
- December 09, 2009
-- Ray
WHY WoC?! WHY?! Why would you make a card with such an awesome concept, looks so great with such an awesome ability that gets his butt-kicked in combat by almost ANY creature in the game?! You would think a legendary pitfighter would have a much higher toughness to reflect his time spent in the pits (like a 3 or 4), and maybe some first strike or trample action. I love Kamahl (he's my desktop wallpaper) as a concept, but his card is just...eh. I give him a 3 only because he is a bolt machine. Otherwise, red has too much board sweep (ie, pyroclasm, fallout, quake, etc) to keep him around long.
- August 18, 2007
-- P
This is a good card no doubt, but i think if you want a better one it would be razormane masticore. That card doesnt have haste, but has 5/5 and first strike. and also you MAY deal three damage to target creature every upkeep. downfall is you have to feed it a card from your hand before your draw phase to keep it alive. small price to pay with scryb ranger and or draw cards like compulsive research, council of soratami, and telling time. Thats just me.
- April 15, 2008
-- SeanRocks
Only good on paper; in actual play he is usually about as useful as a termite with a wooden leg. Every time I have ever seen him he does a grand total of 3 useful damage then dies. Volcanic Hammer is better.
- December 21, 2003
-- Nathan
Kamhal, Fist of Krosa was about 3,000 steps up from this card in more than one case. if u wanna know the cases, learn it urself don't bother me
- April 18, 2003
-- smarterthanu
how good can a card be when it would get taken out at the drop of a hat by his own sister?? When they come together in combat, jeska will beat kamahl's face in every time, thanks to a little thing called first strike. a lower casting cost and first strike makes jeska way more playable in any real red deck.
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