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Casting Cost
Card TypeCreature
Card TextYou may have Clone enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield.
Creature TypeShapeshifter
SetDuel Decks: Venser vs. Koth
ArtistKev Walker
Flavor TextThe shapeshifter mimics with a twin's esteem and a mirror's cruelty.
DescriptionDuel Deck: Venser vs. Koth Single Card
Release Date2012-03-30
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- April 08, 2015
-- James H.
Classic copy headache
Clone and cards similar to it will make one''s mind break!  To the person who posted on Oct. 4th, I''m sorry but that interactions of Followed Footsteps and clone doesn''t readily work like that. In the case stated, you''d only really get copies of whatever the clone had copied. One would need to have a Grand Architect or Paragon of the Gathering Mists on the board, and then play the clone choosing not to copy any creatures on the board. At that point, it''d be ok to put Followed Footsteps on the clone and get a clone every turn.
- October 04, 2009
-- Anonymous
Enchant Clone with Followed Footsteps. Instead of getting the same creature each upkeep, you can keep getting different creatures. So if your opponent has a good creature combo, just copy them and play it against him/her. Clone is just a fun card.
- August 03, 2009
-- Dinosaur
Kills legends better than any removal spell, period. Negates most creatures you opponent is planning on attacking with. Makes up to 8 copies of any creature in your deck. Copies a gamewinner to beat someone with their own horrible creature, especially when teamed with bounce.
- April 25, 2008
-- Counterspell
Johnny Mills - Yeah sure control magic is better but a blue deck with control-magic/bribery/clone is better. Blue is about control and trickery and you need all aspects cover. ;)
- January 07, 2008
-- Anonymous
just mix this with stronghold overseer, with the shadow ability, this card could be unbeatable, or as wimpy, the possibilities are pretty good.
- December 15, 2002
-- Cameron
The possibilities for this card are endless I mean mixed with the vizzerdrix and a multiple attack card and your immortal. If anyone has read some of Magic Masters reviews he's not as good as he says. I go to school with him and he is awesome yet he still lost to me and didn't even take any of my life away. He does have awesome cards that make me jealous but he doesnt know how to use them to there to there full extent. Loser!
- July 15, 2002
-- David
Awesome card. I expected the card to be in poorer condition and show up later. Troll and Toad mailed it in 4 days and it was in excellent shape. I will deffinitely be ordering from them in the future for all my singles needs.
- June 27, 2002
-- Nate
Think of all of the cards that put a creature into play for one turn. Then think of putting a Hypnox into play for one turn, then cloning it. The reprint policy has been changed so that Clone is now legal for reprints, and I would like to see it make it into 8th edition.
- May 29, 2002
This is A great Card!!! Use with Vesuvan Doppelganger and keep on getting a different Creature every turn!!!!
- September 20, 2009
-- D/0
The idea that control magic is 3x better is mistaken. Control magic is useless if your opponent has no creature on board. In addition to the controlled creature being just as vulnerab;le to his creature kill spells, control magic itself is vulnerable to the whole host of enchantment kill spells: it can be disenchanted, tranquilitied, naturalized, creeping molded, hull breached etc.
- June 20, 2009
-- Greg
This card isn't all that great in all situations (i.e., turn after a Wrath of God). But it's great with Reveillark. You can make it into another Reveillark, and you can bring it back with another Reveillark. Sounds good!
- May 07, 2008
-- Lunaticfringe
Clone is safer than control magic. While control magic is one of my favorite blue spells, it's also riskier as it's subject to enchantment destruction cards. When control magic is destroyed, the creatures goes BACK to the original caster. Control magic is more reward, but also more risk.Clone works wonderfully with Vesuvan Doppelganger (old school), but also works real well with cards that bounce creatures back into owners' hands (i.e. unsummon, boomerang, etc.)
- September 19, 2005
-- Anonymous
I would've gave it 5 stars but the wording on the card ticks me off. "may choose a creature" What do you mean May. If you don't, he's dead!!!
- December 19, 2003
-- Mauro
Effective when using mana hungry creatures.
- June 04, 2002
-- Anonymous
The card ability itself is pretty good, however the Mana cost is much too high.
- November 01, 2007
-- Johnny Mills
Control Magic is 3 times better. Instead of gaining a creature with a Clone, you effectively kill one of your opponents creatures (the best one) and get a copy of it. So why do people like clones and dopples? Control magic and steal artifact is where it's at.
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