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Casting Cost
Card TypeInstant
Card TextDestroy target creature or enchantment.
ArtistGlen Angus
Flavor TextThe eyes let flow with tears, then blood, then the very soul—the whole wrung inside out, dripping down into the blackened puddle of the past.
DescriptionGuildpact Single Card
Release Date02/03/2006
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- February 24, 2009
-- Chris Kedrowski
In some ways better than Vindicate. Watch an opponent play a ball lightning and see where Vindicate gets you (nowhere-it's a sorcery).
- November 19, 2006
-- luca fregusy
compared to vindicate, this is better for a small reason... it doesnt take an arm and a leg to get one if you dont have one. at the same cost, why not run both? a strong card
- August 15, 2006
-- Anonymous
Well of cource it kills what you don't want your friends to have on there side of the feild!!! Hopefully you wouldn't want it to kill what you have on your side of the field!!
- June 03, 2006
-- Anonymous
Kills what you don't want your friends to have on their side of the field.
- May 13, 2010
-- Jace Beleren
This card is powerful enough for me. Compared to Vindicate, it's rather weak. But I bring them together in my deck to prevent any entanglements. The Mortify can be used as an instant, but the Vindicate can destroy any Living Lands, even the powerful planeswalker Nicol Bolas....
- June 29, 2007
-- Black Power
why compare vincicate and this card. just use both of them TOGETHER is power! 4 of each lets you take more control of the board. get them while they are cheap, i dont even have 1.
- November 09, 2006
-- dan
vindicate is very strong card but, mortify is an instant and vindicate is sorcery. so it about evens out..
- August 09, 2006
-- Christoffer Thygesen
This card is pretty good, but there's one problem... the card Vindicate is AT LEAST TEN TIMES as good as this. Anyone that's reading this review should Check out Vindicate. 1BW to destroy any permanent is pretty damn good.
- June 01, 2006
-- PKIS A-18
Two Words: YES PLEASE!
- March 24, 2006
-- Anonymous
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