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Casting Cost
Card TypeSorcery
Card TextThis spell costs
more to cast for each target beyond the first. Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among any number of targets.
SetMagic 2010
ArtistDave Dorman
Flavor Text
DescriptionMagic 2010 (M10) Single Card
Release Date07/17/2009
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- March 31, 2010
-- me
What? An 8-year-old could play any deck! You act like Magic is something that takes a genius to play. And this card is awesome, in an elf deck it gets a one-shot kill.
- August 08, 2006
-- IceCold
Fireball+Channel the greatest 2 card combo the game has ever seen.
- December 05, 2005
-- Anonymous
i personnally keep the maximum amount of these in my deck at the same time and fork it for double the effect
- September 06, 2007
-- SeanRocks
Great card. However anyone who tries to channel/fireball me will be abruptly engaged in fisticuffs cause Sean is no am like cheese!!!
- September 01, 2007
-- Anonymous
Usualy the only people who hate direct damage dont know how to play a burn deck... For those who dont know there ARE decks COMPLETELY based around burning (lighting bolt, shock, fireball, etc.). Combine this with Freed from the Real, Wirewood Channeler, for an infinate amount of burning amount infinate targets making an auto win situation (Common sense would tell you that you need atleast 2 elves in play for this plan to work and any cards that would counter any of the combo cards or the effects of the mana would result in an instant loose for you (if the damage were redirected or prevented totally.)
- October 12, 2006
-- Anonymous
fireball+channel+mox anything+black lotus was the combo. still a great card, a personal favorite, and can be very useful when dealing with multiple targets such as a multiplayer game. Although rolling thunder is definitely better though.
- February 11, 2005
-- Thomas
No red deck without it. Lightning blot is better, but you can divide as you chose for 1 mana more pr. target. And hating direct dammage is a bad excuse for not choosing it.
- September 13, 2009
-- D/0
This card is simply OK as far as X point burn goes. In order to kill a Llanowar elves and Baneslayer Angel with this card you have to spend 12 mana. It gets more absurd as you add more creatures to the amount you want to kill. The formula for killing N creatures is total mana spent = 1 red + [N-1 + N x MaxTough(of the N creatures)] colorless. There are a lot of situations where Ice XXR meteor shower is actually more efficient than fireball. Rolling Thunder surpasses all X point burn.
- January 05, 2003
-- Anonymous
Very nice card, I have won many games due to it.
- April 01, 2010
-- Jim
WHAT? If you really think any 8-year-old could play Magic, you must have a very remedial understanding of the game. You act like it takes no intelligence at all, which any player with a decent grasp of the game will tell you is laughable. If you read my other review again, you will see that I am not bashing red burn in general, just those decks that are built of nothing else.
- January 30, 2003
-- rick
I hate direct damage. The only direct damage I like is Lightning Bolts. I pity those who use these.
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