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Casting Cost
Card Text
: Destroy target tapped creature.
Creature TypeHuman,Assassin
SetMagic 2011
ArtistMark Zug
Flavor TextAn assassin is a king's most trusted courier, ensuring his messages are heard by even the most unwilling recipients.
DescriptionMagic 2011 (M11) Single Card
Release Date2010-07-16
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- April 10, 2010
-- Jonathon Miller
Use this with Ring of Gix!
- March 07, 2010
-- Anonymous
put a sheild of kaldra on this and is hard to not win the game
- July 29, 2009
-- Al
I am a happy camper that they kept the assassin. Classic black card. Throw some lightning greaves on and have fun.
- July 25, 2009
-- Shane Lankford
One of the best black creatures ever made, I play with a few in all my decks that contain black in them.
- January 20, 2009
-- lucky
i love this card because when i play him, my opponents expression always changes. any creature they attack with unless it has protection from him die so theyre always scared to attack. i mix a couple of him with goblin sharpshooter. shoot them for say... 2 and then kill something so they untap. love it!
- October 24, 2008
-- cha-cha boy123
great card. I use it against my friends (A.K.A feder vader) and tap creatures with icy manipulator to sabotouge creatures.
- September 13, 2008
-- Anonymous
My gosh, whoever says that this card isn't amazing doesnt know how to play magic! This can destroy any creature (providing it doesn't have protection from black...) just by tapping. Your opponent has a huge 500/500 creature out? When it attacks, tap assassin....bye big creature. Or for more fn, give it whispersilk cloak or cloak and dagger...shroud anyone? Your opponent will fume when he cant kill it.
- May 06, 2008
-- Lunaticfringe
As previous stated, this works very well with Nettling Imp and Icy Manipulator. One other great combo is to pair this up with Kismet. I've also found that Sacred Boon is a terrific spell to help keep him alive, as well as any spell that prevents targeting (Diplomatic Immunity, etc.)
- April 11, 2008
-- Amoeba
One of the best creatures in magic imo. Drop one of these badboys and watch the color drain from your opponent's face:) The art on it is pretty cool too.
- March 06, 2008
-- wufu
this is a great card, combined with norritt it's beautiful. also gives you some time to get bigger and badder creatures out.
- August 23, 2007
-- Conyark
I love this card. I have had 4 in a deck, but as the competion got better these guys where hard to keep alive. They attract heavy hate. They just have a target on them everytime they come out, but that is logical. They are a threat. If an opponent can't deal with the assassin its lights out!
- July 31, 2007
-- Taninriff
Cheap to get out and great defense against almost anything.
- September 15, 2006
-- Rikki Belsham
Having problems killing protection from black creatures?????Icy or Arena to tap said creature, Ersatz gnomes to make royal assassin colourless. Bye bye mr black creature.
- April 25, 2006
-- Anonymous
Out of all the black cards available, this is one of the most lethal cards black offers. Amazingly cheap card to play that keeps youre opponent at bay.
- August 18, 2005
-- Baron Titanium
I love this card it is incredebel it seivs me every time. It is th ebest card ever meyd, it cant get eny beter I have pleyd red and black my wol life it`s an seaint.
- January 15, 2005
-- Royal Ass.
Well, other than having the coolest picture of any magic card (alpha version), this card also has sweet flavor text and design. I love this card. It gets overlooked these days with all the other uberpowerfull cards, but this card is still a lot of fun to bust out every now and then during a friendly game. It's too bad the 8th edition art doesn't live up to the origional...
- November 21, 2004
-- Anonymous
One of the best cards ever. Period. Use with Nettling Imp and you'll be unstoppable. Revised edition kicks butt. Black is the best magic color
- March 23, 2004
-- Dan Ayers
Icy Manipulator/Royal Assassin, need I say more? Plus both have come back for an encore in mirrodin and eigth.
- December 25, 2003
-- Anonymous
Someone wants to attack you with him out? Kill the creature before it deals damage or use it with Icy Manipulator to tap a large creature and destroy it!
- September 02, 2003
-- v-nox
one of the classic cards i missed for some time.
- October 18, 2002
-- Anonymous
Best black card ever. Period. Use 4 of them with either Icy Manipulators or Nettling Imps. Also be sure to have something to bring them back from the graveyard just in case (but if you're playing with old black cards then you should know this anyway)
- June 29, 2002
-- the reaper
royal assassin works great with flood and twiddle. just tap a creature, destroy it, untap royal assassin.
- May 07, 2002
-- Anonymous
I just love this assasin for my killer black-blue deck. It wipes out any tapped creature by just tapping it! Three mana for one of the greatest 1/1's in the game. This card is a must for any black deck.
- January 08, 2002
-- nick conrad
Use with icy manipulator or anything other tapping card to tap opponents creatures and destroy them, or wait until opponent attacks and tap assassin to destroy that creature.
- November 15, 2001
-- Jame LoSavio
This card is amazing, THE best ever printed black card. If you have 4 out, which I often do, you can destroy up to 4 attacking creatures, and not take damage from them. If you have the money, and you have the deck, pick up as many as humanly possible.
- November 04, 2001
-- chris levy
i'm sorry it's too good i'm glad it's not banned it's my favorite card yeah!!!!!!!!
- June 04, 2001
-- Hani Ebeid
The power of this single card is amazing
- April 15, 2001
-- Matthew Davis
Outstanding black card with tremendous power. I recommend this card to any black lover.
- April 02, 2010
-- Eric
P.S. play this with some global tap (siren's call since we're kicking it old school) and a thornbite staff, and you've wiped someone's board clean... Yeah, you're still the king :D
- April 02, 2010
-- Eric
My main man the royal assassin, I remember when you were the king, the coveted black card, the one people would watch you come out in horror (and then scream when Icy Manipulator came out the next turn). Now you are a dollar rare. Power creep does that to you buddy. You're still the king to me man, you're still the king.
- May 28, 2006
-- anonymous
Er, royal assassin is not the best black card ever. That would probably be psychatog. However, royal assassin is great because it can kill creatures EVERY turn, unlike dark banishing. Many times your opponent has to kill it, or they can't attack.
- February 23, 2005
This card is deadly to everyone if you have a Master Decoy which makes the enemie tap, letting him finish them off
- January 04, 2005
-- a control freak
A very good card, to say the least. ALWAYS have some creature revival handy. The absolute worst thing that can happen is it gets removed from the game, which really, really sucks. But 90% of the time he's one of the best things you could hope for. Oh, and he destroys black creatues too. Very nice. But, umm, watch out for the Whit Knight, he's a real kick in the arse.
- April 09, 2003
One of the few black cards that can destroy a black creature. No more do i have to play against a black deck and have 3 useless terrors in my hand when the opponent has all big black creatures in play. He is very useful, if you can keep him alive. The card was such a strain on my opponent that he had to waste a drain life just to kill it. DON'T GIVE THIS CARD THE AXE.
- January 11, 2003
-- Gregg
I used to think this was one of the best cards until I faced a deck when every creature had protection from black. Makes this card kind of pointless, eh? But yes, I've had lots of fun with this and an Icy Manipulator.
- June 25, 2009
-- Anonymous
Hahaha. I could kill him with a Contagion (instant - place two -2/-1 counters on any creature you chose. Remove a card in your hand from the game to play Contagion without the mana cost) the moment you put him into play. Contagion... now That's a good card.
- December 01, 2007
-- Manta
It can easily be killed.
- March 09, 2010
-- Mark N
i cant beleive people use this and call it good. its only a 1/1 and it costs 3 manas to cast. wake up folks its way to easy to kill and i use regenerating anyway so you will never be able to get rid of my creatures cuz ill just regenerte them next turn. royal assassin bad, locust swarm good.
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