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Casting Cost
Card TypeInstant
Card TextShock deals 2 damage to any target.
SetMagic 2012
ArtistJon Foster
Flavor Text"The beauty of it is they never see it coming. Ever." —Razzix, sparkmage
DescriptionMagic 2012 (M12) Single Card
Release Date2011-07-15
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- February 10, 2012
-- Mike
People say that "ohh this sucks compared to lightning bolt" The problem is.. that you can only have 4 cards of one kind in a deck. This adds to more and more burn capabilities to any burn deck.
- March 28, 2009
-- Kabasya Kovylin
Super card for this price.
- October 12, 2006
-- Anonymous
yep have 4 of them, 4 lightning bolts, a couple of incinerates, and 4 volcanic hammers among other things in my red direct damage deck. Makes many people at my school at that deck since everything is cheap in it.
- January 09, 2006
-- John Taylor
The sucessor to Lightning Bolt, every player needs a game set of four. I've seen this card swing tournaments all by itself.
- October 30, 2004
-- Nick
Watered down lightning bolt, but still very effiecient and powerful. Red short list material, extremely useful to pick off creatures with so you can save the bolts and the incinerates for the player!
- October 08, 2003
-- Anonymous
its a very nice card.
- January 31, 2010
-- Jens N
Some people say Shock sucks - compared to Lightning Bolt. Well, DUH! It's SUPPOSED to suck compared to Lightning Bolt; why do you think they stopped printing Lightning Bolt so long ago, and only recently brought it back? That's because it way waay too overpowered back then.
Shock was a decent card. I don't know of a red burn deck that wouldn't run at least a couple of shocks during the time of 8th and 9th Edition - that's because Shock was good compared to the standart back then.
- January 27, 2009
-- greg
good, but it fails when compared to incinerate and every single other actually decent burn spell.
- January 28, 2008
-- Topher
Shock is great early removal or cool late game burn. By itself, shock is indeed a lesser powered Lightning Bolt, but its low cost and commonality mean that its splashable in almost any deck type that includes red. Many other more powerful spells exist however. Tarfire is arguably a better card, being able to be retrieved with Wort or tutored up with a Harbinger, but shock is a classic and borders on iconic. Still, if you want to burn something, there are bigger better options that should be thrown into the mix along with this bad boy.
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