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Card TypeCreature - Elf
Card Text
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Creature TypeElf, Druid
SetClassic Sixth Edition
ArtistAnson Maddocks
Flavor TextOne bone broken for every twig snapped underfoot. —Llanowar penalty for trespassing
DescriptionMTG 6th Edition (Classic) Single Card
Release Date04/21/1999
Dimensions0" H x 0" W x 0" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- February 10, 2011
-- Caleb
Forest, Llanowar Elves, go. Draw, Forest, Food Chain, win.
- May 13, 2010
-- Anonymous
Amazing and terrific don't come close to describing this card. You drop a forest and lay this baby down. 2 mana on turn one pretty much. Do that just once more and it's 4 mana on turn 2! Now imagine what you could do with all that. Oh, and "Magic Masta" the reason why people love this card is because of one thing: SPEED!! IT GETS CARDS OUT FAST. AS IN QUICKLY, SO YOU CAN BEAT YOUR OPPONENT !!! Hope that cleared things up. :/
- August 25, 2009
-- Jonathon Miller
This card is great. The possibility of 3 mana on second turn is awesome. Want more than 4 in one deck, add Llanowar Mentor.
- April 07, 2009
-- James Doto
One green mana for a forest and a 1/1?!?!?!

It isn't quite as good as Utopia Tree or Birds Of Paradise but it's still good
- January 12, 2009
-- Story Ponvert
amazing amazing every green beatdown needs this
- May 16, 2007
-- Moot
Both would die to shock, and that extra land you spend to get out wirewood elf, makes it a turn two, and not a turn one drop, basically means you are one land ahead, one turn later, the key is speed.
- May 29, 2006
-- Daniel Jones
My best friend says that elves multiply like rabbits. they do!! any way get 4 of the llanowar elves in your first hand and you have 4 creatures on the field. nice!
- December 12, 2005
-- Maxx
Looks like Magic Masta from Magic City isn't such a "Masta" after all. Llanowar Elves are hot.
- August 10, 2005
-- GBMcCann
I would love to play a casual game against "Magic Masta" using my favorite r/g fires deck...those 4 weak little llanowar elves (with the help from even weaker birds) helping bring out fires on turn 2 and blastoderm or phantom centaur turn 3, followed up with the burst!!! LOL
- February 27, 2004
-- Anonymous
haha a 1!? Are you mad? This card is at least 4! The best green mana accelerator after BoP! A must in almost all green decks!
- January 18, 2004
-- David
If you dont understand the power of the OG elf, than your lost, first turn elf has won me millions of games. Every green deck has 4 of these in them, same since the beginning.
- June 03, 2003
-- K to tha P
This is a great green card...If you play green and want to have a fast deck you need this. One mana for a 1/1 green creature that gives you one mana...2 mana first turn great deal.
- January 26, 2009
-- Shadowy Figure
Birds of paradise is 10 times better and 10 times more expensive. I think your average casual player will stick with this.
- October 16, 2007
-- Andrew
The second best creature-based mana accelerator in type two, behind the Birds.
- February 03, 2005
-- Anonymous
good old mana ramp how i luv thee. what more can one say? i use with 'gaea's cradle' , 'fyndhorn elves', and 'wall of blossoms' for complete satisfaction. throw a few artifacts in for green's traditional weaknesses and stir and voila! kicking butt deck! a word of caution, the seventh edition version of this card can't hold a candle to this golden classic. so quit looking and pick up one or four.........
- July 21, 2010
-- josh w.
a few people's reviews seem to think you can get the mana out as soon as u bring this elf out. It still has summoning sickness until it sees an upkeep on your battlefield (so no tapping, even for mana). even with all four of these and 3 mana in your first hand you will still only have 1 mana first turn, but u can have 3 mana on your second turn. 2nd turn you would be able to put out the other three llanawar. third turn, you have 3 lands and four llanowar elves = 7 mana. but good luck getting all 4 of these and 3 forests in your first hand out of a min 40 cards. if you want these in your deck, you probably want greenweaver druid as well, pay 3 for a 1/1 elf druid that taps to give you 2 green mana.
- July 09, 2008
-- Greg Johnston
I know that everyone is gonna hate me for this, but Birds of Paradise is a million times better, it adds any color mana to your pool, it costs the same, and it has flying (yes it's a 0/1 but a G/W deck will have Loxoddon Warhammers to attach to them) and it's just better, bet Elves is the second best :D
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