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Casting Cost
Card TypeEnchantment
Card TextCreatures you control get +1/+1.
SetEighth Edition
ArtistKev Walker
Flavor TextEach victory adds a new verse.
DescriptionMTG 8th Edition Single Card
Release Date2003-07-28
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- November 25, 2009
-- D/0
forget white weenie... this card is great in any deck that runs lots of creatures, white or otherwise.
- March 28, 2006
-- Anonymous
Very good in w weenie deck. Should work well in some aggro's that contain white colour: Isamaru's, lions 2/2+ 1/1...:))
- October 04, 2005
-- weicheng
very useful and good
- May 05, 2004
- February 24, 2002
-- ernesto salvador
when isnt it a good idea to have all your creatures get a bonus of + 1/ +1.. and unlike crusade this bad boy targets more than just white.
- November 12, 2006
-- Big W
This card is great, with other cards such as, Nomad Captain/ Divine Sacrament / Crusade/ Angelica Voices / if you are making a pure white deck, all those buffers will help to ensure you get at least one
- November 10, 2006
-- Big W
Great Card, it's another buffer for white. If used with Army of Allah this can do some damage. Other great buffer cards, are Army of Allah, Pianna Nomad Captain, Call to Arms and Angellia Voice.
- May 28, 2005
-- Mr. Hot Head
A beautiful addition to weenie decks, but particularly white. Those Skyhunters, and Hounds have a bit more bite as 3/3's. Run at least 3 of em. Plus, I love the picture- don't you?
- September 09, 2004
-- Dominic
It's the same card as the Other Glorious Anthem only this the 7 edition the other 8 edition i have them both and i work perfect.
- November 06, 2002
-- Anonymous
Bett than Crusade, considering the rise of multi-colored decks, why shouldn't your blue/black/red/green creatures get the benefit of +1/+1? I like it, even if it is 1WW.
- June 07, 2002
-- Purple Switch
could be a bigger stat boost, but it is handy. great in a white weenie deck - white-green mana/weenie decks love this card. I still can't believe they put it in a preconstructed deck...
- August 03, 2009
-- kith
...not so good w/ 3 mana cost.... a little bit high....
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