Necrotic Sliver

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Casting Cost
Card TypeCreature - Sliver
Card TextAll Slivers have "
, Sacrifice this permanent: Destroy target permanent."
Creature TypeSliver
SetPlanar Chaos
ArtistDave Allsop
Flavor TextThough Volrath is long dead, the slivers have become everything he wanted them to be: mindless instruments of destruction and despair.
DescriptionPlanar Chaos Single Card
Release Date2007-02-02
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- November 14, 2008
-- IG
This card should be up there with Sliver Queen, ability to have any sliver destroy target permanent is just too much, ALSO knowing any sliver deck can produce massive amount of Slivers. You will have no problem sacrificing slivers to destroy anything you want in play.
10 Stars if I could.
- September 14, 2008
-- Greg Johnston
It's like cautery sliver but far far better...i really really wish it was 1RW because my sliver deck only splashes black for sedge sliver...too bad >.< I like it though =D It's great on its own and crazy in a sliver deck, and you can kill artifacts lands and *enchantments* too. Last but maybe not least, it's an ability, so it can't be countered. Yay!!
- May 21, 2007
-- Brendan Blaney
Dam, just got this card today and it awsome. I first saw it and thought alright don't know if I'll use then I realized it said permanet which is sweet. Great for my sliver deck or good in any white/black deck hell 2/2 for three is alright but the abilty is nice.
- April 19, 2007
-- lordofsecrets
This is amazing in any sliver deck or white/black control.
- April 19, 2007
-- black power
one of the most decent slivers ever made. playing slivers, this is multiple Vindicates. playing this card itself is just as good without slivers. great card, great art, check out the artist. surprised he makes magic art.
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