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Casting Cost
Card TypeCreature-Goblin
Card TextGoblin spells you cast cost
less to cast. Goblins you control have haste.
Creature TypeGoblin,Warrior
ArtistGreg Hildebrandt & Tim Hildebrandt
Flavor TextThey poured from the Skirk Ridge like lava, burning and devouring everything in their path.
DescriptionScourge Single Card
Release Date2003-05-26
Dimensions0" H x 0" W x 0" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- September 05, 2007
-- Brian
One of the best goblins ive seen. Piledriver,Sharpshooter, and Lackey are better though. Iits good with a goblin king on the field. But other than that he is a really good card.
- November 20, 2005
-- RAK
By far the most obvious choice to use in a Goblin deck, all tournament-standard Goblin decks from Extended down have one thing at least in common: four of these reside in the deck. With mana-acceleration provided from Prospectors or Chrome Moxes, this can potentially come out second turn, blasting down mana costs of other Goblins, making them more potent and quicker. Perhaps it doesn't LOOK like the best Warchief, but I guarantee that this has seen more constructed play than any other. This should always your first card to put into a Goblin deck, and always four of.
- October 24, 2005
-- Maxx
3rd best Goblin for a tribal deck. Lackey and Recruiter are better, but they got banned in Extended, so it's pretty obvious they were too good. Regardless of that, this guy is nuts. Auto 4-of in any goblin deck in any format.
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