Scalding Tarn

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Card TypeLand
Card Text
, Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Scalding Tarn: Search your library for an Island or Mountain card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.
ArtistPhilip Straub
Flavor Text
DescriptionScalding Tarn
Release Date2009-10-02
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- August 03, 2010
-- Kyle B.
These lands work in so many decks. Thinning the deck out is worth the 1 life alone.
- March 30, 2010
-- ben pitt
anyone who thinks these fetch lands are dumb, doesn't know what they are talking about...look at any decklist of any top 8 finishing deck in any tournament...fetch lands...they thin your deck and get you the land you need versus the luck of the draw...great cards!
- January 17, 2010
-- Anonymous
Great card, let me play out a scenario: Turn 1 = Mountain, Goblin Guide, swing for 2. Turn 2 = Mountain, Plated Geopede, swing for 2. Turn 3 = Scalding Tarn into mountain, Ball Lightning, swing for 13. Don't tell me that coming in to play tapped doesn't decide games.
- December 09, 2009
-- Anonymous
Jim must be a nub. Fetchlands are amazing.
- November 20, 2009
-- D/0
Terramorphic Expanse, while still an above average and playable card, is worse for a number of reasons the main one being that the land comes into play tapped. This can mean the difference between basically giving your opponent a free turn or not in many cases, especially early game. Wizards isn't thinking for anyone. If this were a bad card it's price would reflect it and it would be a jank rare like gul draz specter. The other reason is that Terramorph gets BASIC LAND, which doesn't matter in standard, but in non-standard formats it does where there are nonbasic lands which have several basic land types. For example if I'd run this card in a legacy or vintage deck I could sacrifice it for a VOLCANIC ISLAND. You could not use a an Expanse to get a Volcanic Island. If you don't see how this is better than using an Expanse to get a tapped Island then you know nothing about Magic.
- November 08, 2009
-- Herron
All the sac lands work perfectly when they're in decks that need to utilize mana each and every turn. Lets face it if you need a land right then and there would you rather have the ability to get a land from your deck and then use that land or get one and have to wait til the next turn? With the introduction of landfall it helps out even more to pull 2 lands in 1 turn and then utilize the second one for another creature or spell. The sac lands are very viable in dual color decks and help every deck when all you seem to be doing is top decking. Weenie decks, tribal decks and burn decks should be very thankful.
- November 06, 2009
-- Silex
The comes into play tapped does matter in competitive MTG. Terramorphic Expanse is a great budget alternative and is situationally better in decks with 4 or more colors, but that's it.
- November 04, 2009
-- Conyers
You can fetch original duals and ravnica shocklands, 1 life isnt a big deal, and they DONT COME INTO PLAY TAPPED....Terramorphic Expanse is garbage in have to be trolling...
- October 07, 2009
-- D/9
With these enemy fetch cards the following tri colors become viable: WBG, WUR, GRU, WBR, and UBG
- November 05, 2009
-- eric
Jim you can't get those cards with terramorphic, terramorphic has to be a basic.
- November 30, 2009
-- a level headed guy
Let's clear a few things up... Jim, if you don't see how useful these can be, you should do some research. These are staples in some of the top decks being played right now. D9, you should also do a little studying if you think that having a land come in tapped is as bad as your opponent having an extra turn. There are only a few very specific instances where this is true, and to say the two are basically the same thing is wildly innacurate.
- November 04, 2009
-- Jim
You can get all of those lands with Expanse as well. The only difference is the tapped thing, and Let's face it, people, that is probably not going to make the difference between winning or losing. I wish people would stop letting WOTC do their thinking for them
- October 25, 2009
-- Jim
These new Sac lands in Zendikar are some of the most ridiculous rares I have ever seen. I am absolutely baffled when I hear people say they are great. Did everyone forget about Terramorphic Expanse? It is another sac and search land, but it does not cost life, let's you get any one of the 5 basic land types, and it is a cheap common. Now they have given it a different name, made it much less useful? What a load of BS!
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