Bewear - 150/192 - Uncommon

Bewear 150 192 Uncommon Sword Shield Rebel Clash Singles
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Card TypePokémon - Stage 1
Hit Points140
pokemon energy
Retreat Cost3
pokemon energy
pokemon energy
pokemon energy
Hammer Arm 90 - Discard the top card of your opponent's deck.
pokemon energy
pokemon energy
pokemon energy
pokemon energy
Big Throw - Flip a coin. If heads, discard your opponent's Active Pokémon and all attached cards.
SetRebel Clash
ArtistRyuta Fuse
DescriptionGalarian Pokémon Are Ready to Rock! This expansion of Sword and Shield features all-new, never before seen Pokémon from Galar. With new Pokémon, Pokémon V, and Pokémon VMAX see what this new Pokémon world has to discover!

Sword & Shield: Rebel Clash was the 88th expansion of the Pokémon TCG. It was released in May of 2020 and consisted of 209* cards total. Noteworthy cards from Sword & Shield: Rebel Clash include Boltund V, Dubwool V, Sandaconda V, Copperajah VMAX & Dragapult VMAX.
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
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