Rainbow Energy - 80/82 - Rare 1st Edition

Rainbow Energy 80 82 Rare 1st Edition Team Rocket 1st Edition Singles
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Card TypeEnergy - Special
Card TextAttach Rainbow Energy to 1 of your Pokémon. While in play, Rainbow Energy counts as every type of basic Energy but only provides 1 Energy at a time. (Doesn't count as a basic Energy card when not in play.) When you attach this card from your hand to 1 of your Pokémon, it does 10 damage to that Pokémon. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance.) (Major text change in Ruby/Sapphire. Requires reference.)
SetTeam Rocket
ArtistTakumi Akabane
DescriptionTeam Rocket 1st Edition Single Card
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
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