Solemn Warning - DREV-EN077 - Ultra Rare 1st Edition

Solemn Warning DREV EN077 Ultra Rare 1st Edition Duelist Revolution 1st Edition Singles
Near Mint 1st Edition English Yugioh Card
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RarityUltra Rare
DescriptionSolemn Warning - DREV-EN077 - Ultra Rare 1st Edition is a Yugioh Ultimatecard from the Duelist Revolution 1st Edition Singles Yugioh set. This is an Ultra Rare. Yugioh began back in the mid 90's as a weekly short in Shonen Jump by 1999 the TCG game had launched in Japan. Yugioh has gone on to become one of the top card games in the world and has now surpassed 20 years of competitive play worldwide. Additional Details: B0040WGALC
Dimensions3.38" H x 2.31" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- June 04, 2011
-- awesomeness
Great card, I got in a pack:) when i got it i knew it was good but wow... really expensive. I personaly thinks it worrks well in a morphtronic deck.
- May 13, 2011
-- Anonymous
good cards r good, bad cards r bad. warning is a very good card! if u want to stop all of ur opponent's summons, main oppression, this, and solemn judgment GG!!!!!!!!! time to side/tech those old seven tools and dark bribes!!! ^_^
- May 09, 2011
-- YugiohTraderBoy
to the person above me: solemn judgment IS a good card but 1.) cannot stop summons by an effect by a monster (i.e. mystic tomato) 2.) its limited so u can only use one 3.) it takes HALF ur lifepoints, so if u want to stop something SUPER powerful at the begginning of the duel... ur life points drop by 4000 already...and ive got into those situations and ive lost because of that but he thing is u can use 2 solemn warnings and it stops summons by effect momsters (i.e. mystic tomato and pesky gravekeeper's spy). i agree to the downside of solemn warning but if u use x2 solemn warnings and x1 solemn judgment, it complements ANY deck. in infernities (which i used to run) x3 infernity barriers and i won!
- April 23, 2011
-- UnrealSpartan
Above poster: Solemn Judgment is Limited, so you run 2 of these as well because it's Semi Limited.Anyway, amazing card is amazing. However, once the Priority Ruling from the OCG come into effect, this card will see less and less play. At that point it will really be only useful against Monarch decks, and my deck (Six Samurai) already has a horrible matchup against them that Solemn Warning wouldn't sufficently fix. So I'll be using Bottomless Trap Hole
- April 21, 2011
-- Oinky
Solemn judgement is at 1.. Solemn judgement can't stop gorz..
- April 12, 2011
-- Anonymous
to the person who said solemn judgment is better, it is but judgment u can only have 1 while warning, u can have 2. solemn judgment cant stop cards like mystic tomato or shuras, or firedogs...i run infernities so im having 1 jugment, 2 warnings, and 3 infernity barriers...that 6 negators =D
- December 15, 2010
-- mat hennen
Great card, managed to pull an ultra rare frome one pack and an ultra from another. To bad it sells for so much, I would actually like to keep these ;p
- November 20, 2010
-- Cody
Just pulled one about an hour ago out of the three pack box
- November 13, 2010
-- Anonymous
It's pretty good. I managed to pull one outta a booster pack. :)
- October 13, 2010
-- Michael Hobart
yes! finally a much better card than solemn judgment not because of cost for the effect but the effect 2 stop special summoning like DAD, rescue cat, gorz, starlight road, etc. buy 3 of these as quick as ya can this baby is a must have in any deck
- September 19, 2010
-- Marc
Very Good Card! Three is a staple in ALL decks!
- September 18, 2010
-- ZnTu
Nice card, stops any summon and game breaking monsters (like faultrol, Gyzarus, etc) , and trap stun cant be chained to this effect, also stardust cant negate it, awesome in a control oriented deck (such as GBs or Quickdraw). But I dislike how TCG konami upgrades cards from commons in OCG to ultra. Pash Medina Mascaporongas.
- September 16, 2010
-- JC van cock
lol @ last review. indeed, such a good card for making profit.
- September 13, 2010
-- Pash Medina
Best staple card printed lately. Even better than Duality. In addition, a nice card for making profit.
- September 08, 2010
-- Galo Orbea
:) reminds me of the time when Solemn Judgment was at 3... XD... it's broken.. Controls your opp. Not letting him summon or try to use cards like reborn... Negating any kind of summon... Cool tech!
- September 07, 2010
-- tracy Hess
Very broken card for this meta and this new set. its way better then royal oppression and much faster too
- April 21, 2011
-- Anonymous
Amazing card, I just wish it wasn't so expensive!
- September 11, 2010
-- Anonymous
It's a fantastic anti-meta card, but that's still a hefty LP cost. Even being a good anti-meta card there's no way it should be this expensive
- May 19, 2011
-- nathan davis
Okay seven tools gets rid of this card and cost only a 1000 life points, and magic drain destroys it, not to mention forbiden lance takes away the ability to designate the summoning/special or not because after 800 life points less and it is unefected by spell/trap cards and you just wasted 2000 life points. Good card!!!!!! But in a chain it is useless. Example summon/special + solemn warning + seven tools = sadness.
- February 08, 2011
-- Anonymous
lol rather get solemn judgement way better can even negate simple cards like lightning vortex, and you have to pay 2000 life points. It can't even be used if you have 2000 life points or less while solemn judgement can be activated in any case even if you have 100 life points!! (plus solemn judgement is cheaper)
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