Breaker the Magical Warrior - MFC-071 - Ultra Rare 1st Edition

Breaker the Magical Warrior MFC 071 Ultra Rare 1st Edition Magician s Force MFC Singles
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RarityUltra Rare
DescriptionMagician's Force was the 8th expansion of the Yugioh TCG. It was released in October of 2003 and consisted of 108 cards total. Noteworthy cards from Magician's Force include Breaker the Magical Warrior, Dark Magician Girl & Magical Scientist.

The term “Spell Card” was fully realized in this set; this was because of the rename from “Magic Card” due to its similarity to Magic the Gathering. This set introduced Union monsters to the Yugioh universe.

Magician's Force consists of the following rarity breakdown:

69 Commons
17 Rares
10 Super Rares
10 Ultra Rares
2 Secret Rares
Dimensions3.375" H x 2.313" W x 0.074" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- April 01, 2016
-- Mathew
Grew Seller !!!
- September 05, 2009
-- Ramon
Amazing card, you can have 3 on your deck now :)
- August 28, 2008
-- Anonymous
It's not banned in September no more!
- July 23, 2008
-- Anonymous
This card ruled the advanced format for a long time untill the march 2008 banlist. Hands down Breaker was the best 2 for 1 four star monster out there and was used in almost every deck, it was not too surprising that he was banned. He's of my personal favorites :)
- February 22, 2008
-- Nahin Khan
This card is amazing, it is a good attacker with its 1900 or 1600 atk and it is a mystical space typhoon on legs.
Heck, this card is so good that the new ban list coming in march banned it from begin used at all.
- November 29, 2007
I tottaly aggre danny! i tottaly agree. fricken awesome!
- November 24, 2007
-- Daniel
The Best 4 Star Spellcaster EVER!!
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