Rainbow Dragon - TAEV-EN006 - Ghost Rare 1st Edition

Rainbow Dragon TAEV EN006 Ghost Rare 1st Edition Tactical Evolution TAEV 1st Edition Singles
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RarityGhost Rare
DescriptionTactical Evolution was the 24th expansion of the Yugioh TCG. It was released in August of 2007 and consisted of 105 cards total. Noteworthy cards from Tactical Evolution include Elemental Hero Darkbright, Neo Space Pathfinder & Rainbow Dragon.

This set introduces the Ghost Rare card type to TCG. “Venom” cards appear in this set along with “Alien”, “Elemental Hero”, “Neo-Spacian”, and “Cyberdark” cards. Released along with this set was the Tactical Evolution: Special Edition set.

Tactical Evolution consists of the following rarity breakdown:

48 Commons
18 Rares
9 Super Rares
5 Ultra Rares
10 Secret Rares
14 Ultimate Rares
1 Ghost Rare
Dimensions3.38" H x 2.31" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- August 18, 2010
-- Garet
I felt the card should be four stars because of the great power it has and how easy it is to summon it and the great ability it has but why I chose to give it four not five stars is because it has nothing to defend its self with if it was some how swiched into defence mode and its ability has nothing to do with protecting itself. I have the card my self.
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